Flash Recap: The Trap

i don't think we're in kansas anymore

They start reading the future newspaper…could I have done that too? If I inspected the future newspaper more carefully maybe I could have speculated what would happen in the show. Or read the comics. One or the other. The newspaper talks about the Flash’s disappearance after his brawl with the Reverse Flash. The article was written by Iris West-Allen, watch it be some other Allen she marries in the future. Don’t get your hopes up Bare. Barry’s also been “promoted” to Director of Central City police, CSI division, in the future. Unless the current director appears on screen, there’s nothing that can convince me he doesn’t already have this position.
Gideon – “A founding member of-”
Barry – “That’s not important, what are you?”
Can any of his Justice League buddies time travel?
“Do you know who he really is?”
That was last week’s episode Bare, get up to speed.
“Why did he come here?”
Gideon – “To kill you.”
But he needs to train him to kill him…the explanation better be good.
Cisco put a tracker on Well’s wheelchair without him noticing…I have no idea how.
Comic Relief – “If we’re wrong about him and he is paralyzed, then I’m going to hell for that one.”
He still thinks he’s paralyzed…even standing in Well’s secret evil room.
Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 1.21.58 PM“Ask questions fast! He’s coming here!”
If there’s one thing Barry can’t do it’s get things done fast.
Barry – “Why did he kill my mom?”
Gideon – “Because he was angry.”
Seems reasonable.
Barry – “About what?”
Gideon – “That you escaped.”
Damn it Gideon, can it answer more specifically? These aren’t helpful at all!
Barry – “Gideon, don’t tell Dr. Wells we were here.”
Gideon – “Okay.”
Wait that worked?
Apparently Barry created Gideon in the future. I guess Dr. Wells stole her, maybe make her password encoded next time Bare.

Eddie asks Joe out for coffee…he’s going to ask for permission to propose to Iris isn’t he?
Eddie – “I know the timing may be off.”
Yeah, it’s actually pretty terrible.
“But I want to propose to Iris. And I’d like your blessing.”
He’s actually doing it.
Joe – “…No.”
He’s actually doing it. He’s either doing this because he doesn’t want Iris to marry a cop or he wants Barry and Iris to end up together.
Eddie – “Well I only asked out of respect. I don’t need your permission.”
Does he know who Joe is? He needs his permission.

eddie happy then sad

The Lab Nerds and Barry tell Cop Duo about the secret room.
Eddie – “Time travel. Really?”
Welcome to the show detective.
Barry – “Maybe Cisco’s dreams are memories of the other timeline?”
Joe – “If it never happened how can Cisco remember it?”
Because it was a really strong memory. One doesn’t simply forget Harrison Wells.

Joe is a caring father, even when Barry was in a coma.
Doctor – “How can he be seizing? He has no heart rhythm?”
Barry’s a zombie!
Iris runs away…like straight out of the hospital. She really can’t handle this right now, her blog just got a negative comment and now with Barry potentially dying…
Dr. Wells – “They can’t save him, but I can.”
It took 3 weeks for Dr. Wells to offer this?
Joe – “You’re that scientist that caused all of this…”
So he’s the perfect guy to solve all this!
Dr. Wells – “Give him to me, those doctors can’t save him, but I can.”
With the shit coming out of that doctor’s mouth, I’d be willing to listen to other offers too.
Joe – “I guess I can give you a 9 month test trial stranger, but not a day longer!”

Barry – “Accessing Cisco’s memories is the key to getting my dad out of prison.”
…wait, what?
Barry’s plan is to get Wells to confess to killing his mom…this can’t seriously be the plan can it? A confession?! And weren’t Cisco’s “dreams” actually visions triggered by words said to him by Wells in the other timeline? Everything about this is laughably bad.

but do the sunglasses protect you from speedforce rays?

Caitlin invents sun glasses to help Cisco lucid dream…sure. They really need to stop acting surprised when Wells shows up, it’s his fucking lab guys. He works here. Caitlin is getting a little better at lying and Dr. Wells helps them with their lucid dream sunglasses.

Barry is behind in his work, but it’s okay because the Director of CSI can cover for him… Police Chief is getting married and he’s stressed out, so he’s not too upset with Barry.
Police Chief – “Never get married Allen.”
Unless it’s to Iris.
Speaking of which, they bump into each other. What is this a romance manga?! That’s how all manga protagonists fall in love…my friend told me.
Iris – “Can I talk to you in private?”
You mean what they’re doing now?
Barry doesn’t have time to talk to Iris, but he does have time to talk to Eddie.
Eddie – “I was going to propose tonight, but when I asked for Joe’s blessing he said no.”
Maybe delay that proposal then?
Barry – (My man, Joe!)
Eddie wants Barry to talk to Joe and find out. Why Eddie can’t talk to Joe himself is beyond me.
Eddie – “Iris Thawne, it sounds pretty good huh?”
I mean someone in his family named their son Eobard…I’m not trusting Eddie’s name grades.
Barry – “I have a feeling that she’s gonna want to hyphenate.”
She’d only hyphenate for Barry…

inception cisco

Cisco – “If I go into this dream, am I going to die in real life?”
No, he’ll only fall into limbo and Leonardo DiCaprio will have to save him.
Cisco – “Usually it takes me a long time to fall asleep…”
Me too buddy.
He falls asleep instantly…I need to start wearing sunglasses to bed.
Joe – “Huh, so that’s how you get him to shut up.”
A vibrating hand to the heart works as well.
He enters REM sleep instantly, now I know some sleep stuff, and falling into REM takes time. This is the final straw! Time travel and sleeping sun glasses, fine, but respect REM sleep.

Cisco – “Okay, I just told Caitlin to distract Wells…and now I’m walking.”
Now I’m in my underwear and all the kids are laughing at me, wait, that’s my dream.
He realizes there’s a Reverse Flash hologram in the force field…did he really need to lucid dream for this? Maybe just get a dream journal next time.
“Okay can I wake up now?”
Good thing Dr. Wells monologued when he killed Cisco, that sure helps this terrible plan now.
Wells confesses to killing Barry’s mom in Cisco’s dream; that’s all the evidence I need, pack it up boys! Let’s get Barry’s dad out of prison.
“Guys wake me up!”
Give him a kick! Or that Inception foghorn sound, bwaaaaaa.

Dr. Wells calls Barry, there’s a huge fire where Police Chief’s fiancé works. He’s apparently working i am so tired of your shit barepretty late in the day.
Barry – “The sprinklers aren’t working.”
Yeah, that’s why there’s a fire…duh.
Dr. Wells – “Yeah I see that, just use your super speed.”
Barry – “I can’t!”
Getting real tired of your shit Bare.
Dr. Wells – “Move your arms fast enough to create a vacuum.”
Barry – “It’s not working!”
Dr. Wells – “I believe in you Barry.”
Dr. Wells – (I swear, can he hurry up and stop sucking so I can kill this kid?)
I understand the physics of creating a vacuum to suffocate the fire, but wouldn’t that suck the oxygen out of room and kill everyone as well? They all just walk down from the 21st floor after the fire… I’m assuming the elevators still didn’t work.

Barry goes back to STAR Labs to change.
Dr. Wells – “Why do you keep doubting yourself?”
Dr. Wells – (My timeline Barry was never such a little bitch.)
That’s what you get when you kill a kid’s mom.
Barry – “I guess I was afraid I couldn’t save everyone.”
Dr. Wells – “The only thing that’s standing in the way…is you.”
The only thing standing in the way of Dr. Wells standing is him too.
“Everything you need, you already have.”
Barry – “Thank you, I couldn’t have done this without you.”
Dr. Wells – “I feel the same way about you.”

ivory and harmony, father and son

Barry – “It’s weird, I still kind of like Dr. Wells even though he’s evil.”
Me too.
“But you never did?”
Joe – “Nope.”
Can’t have two fake father figures. Everything in Joe’s gut told him not to trust him, but he did anyway.
They want to recreate the dream scenario so he confesses…I feel like he’s missing out on a pretty big loophole here, how are they going to capture Reverse Flash? He’s pretty damn strong and they needed Firestorm to help out last time. Joe feels guilty for letting Wells help Barry because then none of this would have happened…the logic is lost on me too.

Everyone gathers for arguably the worst trap in the world, all five of these guys okayed this plan? Was Iris really not involved,I’m doubtful that a plan this stupid didn’t involve her. Maybe go check out that secret room again? Go ask Gideon more questions!
Cisco – “I designed this force field to keep a speedster out, but I reversed it.”
Poor choice of words…
Cisco – “Now it won’t let one in.”
Doesn’t he just switch positions on where he’s standing? What did he actually change?!
The plan: Cisco goads the confession, Caitlin records it, and Barry takes him down…even though he couldn’t beat him before. Joe will help Barry take down Reverse Flash.
Eddie – “What do I do guys?”
Joe – “Here’s a gold star for being you! Thanks for participating Eddie, now go home!”
Eddie’s job is to keep Iris safe.

he didn't change shit on that forcefield barrier

Barry – “We have a ton going on and I should be the last person to plead Eddie’s case…”
But he does anyway.
Joe – “Because she’ll probably say yes…but she really loves you.”
What a great guy. I may not like Barry or Iris, but I respect Joe.

Iris has to confess something to Barry and they make it seem like she’s going to confess her feelings, but instead she wants to talk about her secret investigation on metahumans. She thinks the particle accelerator explosion caused metahumans…it took her 20 episodes… she also thinks STAR Labs is connected with the metahumans too. 20 episodes!
Barry – “There’s a big hole in your theory, how come I don’t have superpowers?”
He’s practically telling her that he has super powers.
Iris – “Obviously, the one flaw in my theory.”
Barry – (…once we capture Dr. Wells I’m so gonna reveal my identity and we’ll get married!)

Iris talked to Barry when he was in a coma in STAR Labs.
Iris – “Detective Pretty Boy asked me out yesterday.”
I would have nicknamed Eddie this, but I just don’t see it. He also has a weird voice.
“See, I do dumb things like that when you’re not around.”
She does many dumb things, regardless of who’s around.
“You made us a family again…come back.”
Sparks fly when she touches his hand.

flashback sparks fly

Caitlin sets up the trap and baits Wells to check out Cisco down by the force field. I mean he can’t just kill Cisco and not Caitlin can he? Wells goes downstairs to kill Cisco and pretty much reenacts what happened to Cisco in the other timeline, but Joe doesn’t think that’s a confession.
Cisco falls down back peddling into the force field.
Dr. Wells – “Oops.”
I liked the way he said that…he somehow made it sound evil.
The barrier Cisco sets up doesn’t work and Dr. Wells walks through it no problem. He keeps his hand up the whole time, he means business.
Dr. Wells – “Oh Cisco, you’re smart, but you’re not that smart.”
This doesn’t trigger Cisco’s dream again, I guess he’s over it.
Joe shoots three bullets at Dr. Wells, but Barry tries to catch them because he can’t have Joe saving Cisco’s life until he gets this useless confession. One bullet gets passed Barry and the force field, hitting Dr. Wells in the heart… that force field is useless.
Comic Relief – ” I’m never ever going to sleep ever again, but I’m okay.”
Caitlin – “He’s dead.”
It’s a trap!
Barry – “He didn’t confess, my dad is going to be in prison forever!”
He can literally save his dad right now if he wanted to.

that body freaks me out

It was Not Mystique they killed, not Dr. Wells…now I’m even more confused on how he got past the force field. Did Cisco literally only design it so it stopped people moving at super speed from penetrating through? Because that’s worse than this trap they just failed to do. How did Not Mystique know what to say to Cisco exactly the same way Dr. Wells said it in the other timeline?
Dr. Wells – “I told you, I am always one step ahead.”
When did he start his plan? Before he came down 5 minutes ago or centuries ago?
Dr. Wells – “I knew that ability would come in handy, I didn’t expect it to come in handy this soon.”
Pretty convenient yeah.
Not Mystique’s face, I may not sleep ever again. Really creeps me out.
Barry – “You ruined my life, all of our lives!”
Dr. Wells – “I can see how this could be difficult for you to understand, but trust me. You’re lives are now so much better.”
I kind of agree. He made everyone’s life better, except for the mom killing thing.
Joe – “We already know you’re not Harrison Wells, just tell us who you are.”
Dr. Wells – “Nice try Joe, but a confession will get you nowhere.”
Seriously guys, that confession plan was garbage. I can’t stress that enough.
Barry – “You want to kill me go ahead, I’m not going to fight you, but tell the police what you did! Get my dad out of prison.”
He has fucking super speed!  He could get him out! Why wouldn’t he fight Reverse Flash either?
Dr. Wells – “I don’t want to kill you Barry! I need you.”
You complete me…okay Joker.
“I did not anticipate over these 15 years how much I would come to love working with you. With all of you, and yet, that does not change what needs to happen.”
I mean he’s already changed the past, why not change the future?
Barry – “Then face me now!”
Dr. Wells – “Oh, we will face each other again. I promise you, soon. Very very soon.”
Like the season finale?
do you guys hear that too?
Wells went from the roof of the building from where he was talking to them, to the secret room, and still escapes with everything in there before Barry arrives. He even left his wheelchair in there. So he’s had cameras everywhere…and he’s watched them this whole time…for 15 years. I bet he took a peek at least a couple times.
Barry – “We have to find Iris.”
Good thing Eddie’s protecting Iris! She’s safe for sure.

Eddie and Iris are walking on a bridge, this is where Eddie’s going to propose? That’s it? This lousy proposal while he’s supposed to be protecting Iris, I’m taking that gold participation star back. He doesn’t deserve it.
Iris – “Oh it’s my dad.”
Eddie – “Call him back.”
Just terrible coordination with the trap going on.
Eddie – (I won’t let Joe ruin this moment for me!)
“You stood by me when I got arrested. You never lost faith in me. Even though we’ve been through some rough times, I never lost faith in us.”
Proposal speech, F.

eddie proposal
Reverse Flash steals Eddie’s ring before he can propose. I bet Eddie thought that was Barry at first, and was like “Damn it Barry she’s marrying me! Oh shit it’s Reverse Flash. Oops.”
He beats up Eddie because Eddie always gets beat up.
Iris – “I know who you are.”
Subtly raises hand to kill Iris
“You killed Barry’s mom.”
Barry rescues Iris, and Reverse Flash takes Eddie as hostage and not Princess Peach.
When the Flash leaves she can tell it’s Barry because of the static electricity she felt, the same electricity she felt during her coma talk flashback…This is ridiculous! There were so many other obvious clues, he didn’t even talk to her in his vibrating voice when he first arrived on the scene! just now, and that’s how she finds out! Come on!

Reverse Flash takes Eddie to some place we haven’t seen before, maybe an old laboratory.
Eobard Thawne – “Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Eobard Thawne.”
Eddie – “I don’t understand…why do you have my name?”
He said Eobard, not Eddie dumb ass.
Reverse Flash – “Because we’re family.”
If Eddie gets a vasectomy, he could end all of this.
Reverse Flash – (Man I can’t believe I’m related to this dork.)
Eddie – “That’s why you didn’t kill me that night at STAR Labs.”
I mean he didn’t kill anyone that night.
“This whole thing…it’s been about me.”
Reverse Flash – “You are my father!” I bet they really wanted to do this line.
Reverse Flash – “Not a chance.”
Thank God.
“You have always been my insurance.”
Weird, my insurance guy is Jake from State Farm.

so easy...so simple. do it wells
Wells is standing menacingly over Barry’s unconscious body.
“You look so young.”
I bet Wells knows Barry’s face so well because Barry never wears his mask in the future either.
“I could kill you right now, so easy.”
Just kill him, the 15 year long con seems a little ridiculous to me.
“I came here to destroy you, but to get home I have to be the one that creates you.”
What’s so important back home?
“Watching you grow up all these years. No trace, no sign, no hint of the man you will be one day.”
Because he changed Barry’s childhood by killing his mom.
“Nothing is forgiven. There will be a reckoning. I promise you Barry Allen, then you will die.”
Okay Bane.


8 thoughts on “Flash Recap: The Trap

  1. Yup, that just happened. She was able to tell that Barry was The Flash by a freakin’ spark of static shock. This show literally hit a whole new level of dumb. Only CW obsessed fanboy/girl idiots would give this show a B-rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The only reason I’ve stuck around for as long as i have is for the final showdown of Barry v. Eobard and The Flash v. Gorilla Grodd. If they ever find a way to screw up either of the two, I am done with this sh**!

  2. It is strange to see that the writers of the show repeat the crap they did in “Smallville” and “Arrow”. The show starts fine and funny and within the first season you start to scratch your head and in the end you deliver facepalm after facepalm to yourself. Until Barry, Caitlin and Cisco found the secret room I was still entertained enough to keep watching but I have to confess that I quit this time after 10 minutes with no intentions to keep up. I will record it for my son nonetheless but I’m done with this show.
    I know your opinion about the new Daredevil show but at least it is not thrieving with gaping plot holes and bland, stupid characters. I have to admit I had to watch a couple of episodes to get into it – because I’m not a Daredevil fan – but it is well made, clever dialogue, deep characters and it is not PG-13! There is a lot of violence and blood in there. I never thought they got the balls to pull this stunt on a superhero TV-Show considering that Disney/Marvel wants to reboot the Punisher – this time PG-13!
    I have serious trouble to understand this world …. still.

    • Yeah this last episode was ridiculous…and all 3 of you guys have liked Daredevil, and many of my friends have told me to watch it too, I’ll give it a serious look after Flash ends.

      • I’m not through the first season of Daredevil to be qualified to recommend it yet, but so far I’m surprised how well it’s been made. Daredevil always was one of my least favorite characters and that won’t change despite a good TV-Show – he is just not interesting enough for me …. character-wise. He suffers from dead-parent-comic-book-syndrome like most superheroes and he is too much a local hero than a superhero. Luke Cage aka Powerman is a local guy too but he at least really kicks some ass.
        I still hear from my friends how good the Arrow show is despite the fact it makes me throw up every time I try to watch season two again – I can’t stand the crap in it. I don’t have problems with certain cliches or some minor plot holes, but when the characters are bland and shallow and worse the female cast are just blank slates (Iris!) and on top the villains are ridiculous and have the motivation of a 3-year old toddler, it becomes disturbing. Reason why I hate “The Amazing Spiderman 2” so much – the development of Electro is an atrocity, a screenwriting crime worth a 2-3 year penalty in a boot camp.

      • Yeah I too have never been a fan of the character Daredevil, that’s probably why I wanted to dislike the show so badly. And I agree with you on Amazing Spiderman 2…just a terrible movie all around and makes Spiderman 3 look okay by comparison.

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