Flash Recap: Grodd Lives

eddie desk
Barry and Joe cover for Eddie at the station because he’s still being held captive by Reverse Flash. Eddie’s computer at his desk is on and it looks like it was recently used…Was someone using his computer? Why would looking at Eddie’s computer help find him?… Weird either way.
Barry’s looked everywhere in Central City and still can’t find Eddie, maybe look for clues in Dr. Well’s mansion or STAR Labs?

Iris – “The man in yellow took Eddie right in front of me.”
Is she going to be passive aggressive about knowing Barry’s secret identity? Please no.
Barry – “Are you okay?”
Iris – “No, no, not at all.”
What a coincidence, this is what I think most times Iris says something. I mean physically she’s okay and not dead or kidnapped, a little dramatic here.
Iris – “The Flash was there, he said he’d fix it, but he hasn’t.”
Barry – “I’m sure he’s doing everything he can.”
She knows Barry’s the Flash, let him search for Eddie.
Iris – “I’m finding it pretty hard to trust the Flash right now.”
Barry – “Well then trust me.”
Iris just glares at him…

A man in a mask and black ops gear fires a bazooka at a truck holding gold…if Not Slade wanted to steal the gold, I’m not sure why he’d fire a rocket at it.
Cisco kept all the cameras Wells used to spy on them and will reuse them for some other purpose…spying?
Cisco – “The first rule of mechanical engineering, never waste good tech.”
The second rule of mechanical engineering, don’t talk about mechanical engineering.
Central City Gold Reserve is under attack and Barry races over to stop Not Slade.
not slade vs not barry
Not Slade switches to an assault rifle because he only brought one rocket for his bazooka. Barry arrives on the scene and instead of taking the guy out immediately, he talks to him. Before Bare can take him out, he suddenly gets a post traumatic stress attack that comes out of nowhere…unless Gorilla Grodd is attacking him in the sewers right below him, his range is pretty impressive. It doesn’t explain why these memories are traumatic for Barry though… Not Slade leaves and doesn’t shoot Barry when he’s on the ground and vulnerable because… he feels bad for him and it’s not like Barry attacked him.

Cisco – “Was he a metahuman?”
Not if Barry’s metahuman senses didn’t go off.
Barry – “Maybe we both got whammied?”
Iris – “Hi Barry…or should I say the Flash?”
It’s official, 22 people and 2 animals now know Barry’s secret identity! The last horse crosses the finish line.

Comic Relief – “This is one of the few times I would not want to be Barry Allen.”
The other times? When he was in a coma, when he ate that ghost chili pepper, and when he went to the bathroom after eating said ghost chili pepper.
Cisco/Caitlin – “We should absolutely not listen in…”
They listen in.
Barry – “How did you find out?”
Iris – “A jolt of electricity! The only other time I felt that was when you were in a coma.”
Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 9.23.19 PMOkay Sherlock.
“I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out sooner.”
There were literally dozens of other hints.
“I’m not angry Barry…just disappointed.”
What is she his mother? Too soon?
Barry – “Eddie was just trying to help me-”
Iris – “Wait, Eddie knew?!”
Everyone knew. A gorilla knew before her.
Barry – “I don’t know why Wells took Eddie.”
Iris – “Wait, Dr. Wells is the man in yellow?!”
She’s really behind, it’s like she’s jumping into the series without watching the other episodes.
Barry – “I’m going to save Eddie now I swear.”
Iris – “Yeah the Flash said the same thing.”
Yeah, Barry = Flash. He said that ~2 hours ago? I know he has super speed, but give him a break.
Barry – “Me and Joe were just trying to keep you safe.”
Iris – “Wait, my dad knew and he told you not to tell me?!”
I mean if Eddie knew, then of course her dad knew. Come on Gumption Girl.
Hagrid Barry – (Shouldn’t have said that…should not have said that.)

Eddie is being held in an unknown underground lair. Dr. Wells doesn’t come in using super speed, instead he simply climbs down the ladder…he must enjoy using his legs for real now.
Reverse Flash – “Did you know that human beings can survive up to 2 months without food?”
Eddie Spaghetti won’t be eating anytime soon.
Eddie – “Do you want to tell me what we’re doing down here?”
Reverse Flash – “No.”
Hehe, I love snarky Wells.
Eddie – “Barry Allen is going to stop-”
Reverse Flash – “STOP TALKING!”
He has red eyes when he vibrates? For some reason I thought the suit did that.
red eyes yellow man

Iris conducts her own research on Harrison Wells…does she not believe Barry? We’re done with that girl, catch up.
Joe – “So this is what the cold shoulder treatment feels like.”
I bet Captain Cold’s cold shoulder is something else then.
“I was wrong, but I was just trying to keep you safe.”
Iris – “That excuse is getting old really fast.”
It’s funny because Barry is really fast!
Joe – “Reverse Flash is insane, he kills people! He killed your boss!”
Iris – “My boss is dead?!”
She really knew nothing! She’s worse than Jon Snow!
Iris – “Did you ever stop to think looping me in would keep me safe? I could have helped.”
Eddie couldn’t even help and he had a gun. Not sure how effective gumption would have been.
Iris – “It’s not just about Barry being the Flash, you never told me how Barry felt about me either!”
Joe – “That wasn’t for me to tell Iris.”
But how was she supposed to notice he liked her? There was no jolt of electricity to help her!
Iris – “What happened to Eddie is your fault.”
Honestly, that’s all on Eddie. He knew about their plan to capture Wells that night and his job was to protect Iris, instead he tries to propose to her.

Barry – “I just got a call from Joe; they’re transferring 300 million dollars in gold bars today.”
They decide to transport the gold via an ice cream truck…which seems like a terrible idea only because it is.
literally screaming for ice cream
Woman Wanting Ice Cream – “But your music is playing.”
Ice Cream Truck Driver – “Yeah, that means we’re out.”
This was seriously the plan? At least turn off the music…
Not Slade blows up the ice cream truck on a deserted road… no one else ran over that obviously placed bomb earlier in the day? He then proceeds to take out the other two SWAT members before Joe gets a good shot in.
Joe – “Freeze! Drop your weapon!”
Come on Joe, he just gunned down your two partners, take him down. Also two cold puns in one episode? Is Joe Captain Cold?!
Barry takes out Not Slade at the last second with one punch, he should do that more often, but I would have loved if Ice Cream Truck Driver saved the day and said, “You’ve just been…put on ice! Free ice cream for everyone!”
After unmasking his identity it’s revealed that Not Slade is Wade… Eiling aka General Krabs. He’s alive, meaning 23 people now know Barry’s secret identity, took you off that list too soon buddy!

So Grodd is using mind control to make General Krabs his puppet. He’s been missing for the past 3 months, and assuming Grodd takes after his “father” Wells when it comes to treating hostages and that's the face of a man that hasn't eaten in 2 monthshuman beings can only survive 2 months without being fed…Is General Krabs a zombie? Also why did Grodd mind control General Krabbs to steal gold? Does he want gold?
General Puppet – “Eling not here, Eiling bad.”
He likes Caitlin though because who could hate Caitlin?
Comic Relief – “Forget multiple personalities, you guys have seen the exorcist right?”
The power of Speed Force compels you!
General Puppet – “I am Grodd. Fear me.”
He’s still learning his words, he really means to say feed me. Grodd hungry.

Barry – “Oh, Grodd is a gorilla.”
Obviously, even Iris knows that one.
General Krabs was trying to create a super solider and experimented on Grodd. Sometimes you end up with a patriotic frisbee throwing superhero and sometimes you end up with an evil psychic powered gorilla. 50/50 chance really.
Joe – “So our psycho killer has a soft spot for animals? That’s…sweet.”
I mean there is precedent for men dressed in all yellow bonding with primates.
Joe – “It wouldn’t surprise me if Wells were using Grodd to distract us.”
Distract them from what though?
Iris – “I’m going to help.”
They’re doomed.

Iris – “There have been reports about some sort of animal down in the sewers.”
Usually it’s a type of reptile that roams the sewers. Grodd is teenage mutant ninja turtle confirmed?
“Two construction workers went missing in the sewers and gorilla sounds were reported, but no one knows what happened.”
The people of Central City…not the smartest.
Barry and Joe will head to that incident area to search for Grodd.
Cisco – “Sewer exploration, count me out.”
Joe – (You just bought yourself a golden ticket to sewer town.)
Cisco – “Count me in…”

sewer team 6

Down in the sewers
Any gorilla poop down there? Probably tons of normal poop. Either way, burn those clothes after. Cisco brought a single banana for this excursion, one may not have been enough.
Joe – “I can’t believe I’m looking for a supernatural gorilla; I’m terrified of regular gorillas.”
I love you Joe and I agree, gorilla’s are scary.
They find some of Grodd’s signatures on the wall, he’s no Banksy.
Grodd is evolving and getting smarter…or at least better at writing. His graffiti gets better progressively the closer they get to his lair…you’d think it’d be the opposite.
Water ripple
Cisco – “If I hadn’t seen Jurassic Park I wouldn’t be nearly as frightened right now.”
The sewer is the one place you can poop your pants and no one would notice, now’s your chance.
“So if he’s getting smarter do you think he might be getting bigger too?”
Barry shoots his tranquilizer gun once before getting mind attacked again and instantly passes out in the sewers…eww. Joe fires his shotgun.
Joe – (Screw tranquilizers, daddy needs anti-gorilla weapons.)
Joe gets captured by Grodd… I don’t think this encounter is helping with his fear of gorillas, probably the reverse.

grodd...rough lighting

Joe wakes up in Grodd’s lair and Grodd uses his mind control powers to control Joe’s hand to point his gun at himself. His acting is on point and I legitimately feared for his life. Not Joe!
Joe – “Help! Cisco help me!”
Cisco? What about Barry!
Grodd – “No help here.”
He doesn’t kill Joe, thank Grodd.
“Father hate gun.”
Joe – “You mean Wells? Where is he?”
Standing on death’s door he still tries to learn more about Wells. Impressive.
Joe takes out the banana, but Grodd goes berserk. He hates bananas. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe also developed a fear of bananas after this.

Iris – “First Eddie gets taken…and now my dad.”
She was helping this time, clearly all her fault.
Barry – “I will search every inch of that sewer.”
Why wasn’t this Plan A?
Caitlin – “What are you going to do when you find him? What if Grodd takes over your mind again?”
And how is he going to beat a 600lb gorilla? Get that cold gun out Cisco!
Barry – “Can you guys build me something so he can’t get in my head?”
Cisco – “Maybe if Dr. Wells were here…”
He made all those guns without Wells, he shouldn’t have any trouble with this. Heck, Magneto just wears a helmet and that works.
Iris – “You guys do this all the time, why can’t you save Eddie and my dad this time?!”
They never had to deal with a gorilla before?

iris madIris – “He’s always preaching about being safe, but not once does he think about running into danger himself. He’s just a regular cop, he doesn’t have powers. He’s not you.”
For once I agree with Iris. Protect yourself Joe!
Barry – “You’re right, he’s not me. And this isn’t his fault. Joe told me not to tell you, but I didn’t have to listen. Don’t be mad at your dad, be mad at me.”
She already was Bare.
Iris – “You were supposed to be my best friend, but you lied to me. About everything.”
Really just two things…
Barry – “I know, but you haven’t been entirely honest with me either.”
Bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how turning the tables on her pays off.
Barry – “I know you feel the same way about me.”
He then walks away…pretty anticlimactic.

Eddie – “They’re going to find me and you’re not as smart as you think you are.”
Reverse Flash – “Oh really? Because I’m a genius where I come from. Imagine how smart that makes me here.”
Amazingly smart? Super smart?
“Eobard is a distinguished name for a distinguished member of a distinguished family.”
For a genius he sure likes using the same word over and over and over.
“The Thawne bloodline is filled with accomplished members! Except you. You’re the exception.”
Eddie – “What exactly makes me such a failure?”
Reverse Flash – “Tough question, so many places to start.”
I know, there are so many options.
“You don’t even get the girl.”
Eddie – “What are you talking about?”
I hope Eddie doesn’t become an evil character now.
Reverse Flash – “Barry marries Iris in the future.”
I know killing Eddie off would open up the opportunity for Iris and Barry to finally get together, but doesn’t Eddie have to have a child with someone to carry on the Thawne line? He can’t die until that happens right?

what did grandma agnes do that was so great?

They give Barry the anti- gorilla mind helmet they made in 15 minutes and Barry speeds off to stop Grodd and rescue Joe. I’d recommend putting that helmet under his suit, but seeing as his mask comes off at every opportunity it wouldn’t secure it too much better. Cisco sets off his anti-gorilla steam system in the sewers to maneuver Grodd to align with Barry’s super sonic punch. It didn’t even work last time, Iris had to finish Colossus Bully off! Barry goes in for the super sonic punch and Grodd catches his hand, remember Barry was going at the speed of sound, and throws him away… The super sonic punch is now 0/2. Barry proceeds to unleash a barrage of super speed punches, but it’s not very effective. Grodd grabs Barry’s throat, which should be game over, but then throws him through a brick wall. Okay, he’s still learning, but getting him in a throat hold should have meant his death. The anti-mind helmet breaks after going through a brick wall, perfectly reasonable, and Barry’s mind gets attacked while he stumbles onto some railroad tracks.
Grood – “Human weak.”
There’s a train coming! Thomas the Tank Engine is going to wreck Barry up.
Iris – “Do something!”
Cisco – “I can’t stop the train.”
He could control sewer pipes, anything is possible. Barry could take one step back and be safe.
Iris – “Listen to my voice; I believe in you. Please. Do it for me.”
The power of love conquers all and Barry dodges the train.
After the train passes, Grodd leaps at Barry in anger…only to get hit by another train! What?! The gorilla’s natural enemy, trains apparently. Barry didn’t really do anything.

trains beat gorillas, most times

They let General Krabs out of the pipeline…what?!
Barry – “Grodd is no longer controlling you; this prison is for metahumans so…”
I’ll be bringing you to Iron Heights. Be nice to my dad!
“You’re free to go.”
Or that.
Barry – “You will get what’s coming to you, eventually.”
I mean he already got his ass beat by a gorilla for 3 months.
General – “You’re afraid that I know you’re the Flash? I’ve known for months, if I wanted to come after you I would have done it by now.”
Maybe General Krabs isn’t fast working either…he and Barry aren’t so different.
Barry – “Because you think you’re going to need me.”
General – “Harrison Wells turned me over to that beast. We have a common enemy you and I.”
He’s still going to hunt Grodd? I’d be terrified of gorillas after that ordeal.

Joe doesn’t recover fast; he doesn’t have super healing.
Cisco – “Did he eat the banana?”
Joe – “I never want to see a banana ever again!”
Iris and Joe reconcile.
Joe – “My life flashed before my eyes when that gorilla captured me.”
He didn’t say flashed before my eyes in the show! Missed opportunity.
Iris – “I was so afraid something would happen to you.”
Me too Iris, me too.
Joe – “My love for you sometimes blinds me and I forget what a brilliant young woman you are.”
“Brilliant,” he must have suffered some brain injuries too.
Iris – “I know everything you do is out of love, so love me enough to always tell me the truth.”
Joe – “Deal…you’re not brilliant.”
That would have been honest at least.

the lab nerds...oh well

Caitlin – “Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t catch Grodd, where would we put him?!”
In his old cage, for that sweet irony.
Barry – “Why didn’t Grodd kill Joe?”
Because… I don’t know, but thank Grodd he didn’t.
Cisco – “My headset wasn’t strong enough, you could have been killed out there man.”
It only broke after being thrown through a brick wall…surprised that was the only thing that broke.
Barry – “The 3 of us together can do anything.”
Caitlin – “Actually, Iris helped too.”
I really liked the dynamic the Lab Nerds had with Dr. Wells, but I can’t see them having that dynamic again unfortunately. Iris being the new 4th person just wouldn’t be the same…maybe if she wore some fake glasses.

Iris – “All those times you were standing in front of me and I had no idea. I don’t even know you anymore.”
She bought him a microscope for Christmas…I don’t think she ever knew him.
Barry – “You saved me in the sewer. The thought of you is what picks me up and keeps me going. Without you, there wouldn’t be the Flash.”
She was the one to name him… I shudder to imagine what Cisco would have called him. Quickscarlet?
Iris – “I’ve been thinking about you…about us. Eddie is the man that I love and he’s still missing.”
Barry – “I will save him…but after that?”
I’m seeing a ton of death flags around Eddie right now.
Iris – “I don’t know.”
Her response for most things.
Grodd climbs a building in the background and then jumps into the city snarling. Not sure why he climbed that building… for dramatic effect? Did he write his name up there really quickly? Of course he wasn’t dead though, the title of the episode is literally Grodd Lives.

Eddie – “So now what?”
Now the episode is over.
Reverse Flash – “Now, I have the key.”
He puts the key in what looks like a place inside Star Labs. I’d bet 300 gold bars and an ice cream truck that he’s hiding under Star Labs.
“Time to go home.”

star labs? Is that you?


4 thoughts on “Flash Recap: Grodd Lives

  1. Hahaha, the funny that popped in my head when Grodd was talking to Barry via Wade was an amended paraphrase of who he is: “I. Am. Groot.” Lol Anyway, clever thing about the sewer jokes, but I would’ve stepped it up further by mentioning either The Lizard, biding his time to mutate the surface dwellers into humanoid lizards by launching a mutagen bomb off a skyscraper in the air , or mentioning the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also in the sewers, waiting to go up to the building and stop him with Spider-man…wait…

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