Community Season 6: Disappointment 101

community season 6

The magic is gone, but they’re still waving their wands expecting sparks to fly out. Community returned for a 6th season on Yahoo! Screen; on the bright side it’s free, but it’s also been a huge disappointment.

The first three seasons of Community were amazing- the cast had great chemistry, the story lines were weird and creative, the cinematography and music felt inviting, all the little things were done right and perfected, every episode felt like a hilarious adventure, there was continuity between episodes and meta-jokes, so many jokes that I would need to rewatch to notice them all. During its peak Community was better than Parks and Rec, and I love that show! It felt smarter and more inventive than any other comedy show on TV, how many series have included claymation or cartoon animation spontaneously in episodes? Epic paintball battles? Pillow fort documentaries? Remedial Chaos Theory is still one of the best episodes I’ve seen across any TV show.
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