Game of Thrones Recap: Kill the Boy

When the episode is called “Kill the Boy,” well, this could have been a much darker episode than it actually was. I’ve read the books, but I won’t spoil anything by bringing up new material for show watchers, but I will make references to the book. There will be spoilers for this episode though, duh.
fire chandileires...i can't spell

Missandei watches over Grey Worm’s body, he’s probably still alive. I’m not sure how they lit those fire chandeliers, slaves?, but it looks cool. It looks like Barristan is taking a nap on a peculiar stone bed, Barristan the Old needs to rest up so he can wake up at the crack of dawn… I mean if he’s still alive in the books and there are no stone googly eyes on him then there’s no way he’s actually dead. No way! Daenerys isn’t even wearing black to his funeral… or the traditional Meereenese topless dress of mourning. Dany please!
Hizdahr – “Is this a bad time? I don’t think this would have happened if the fighting pits were open…just saying.”
I’ve written 14 of these now and I still have to look up the correct spelling for his name every time.
Daenerys – “Barristan the bold they called him… he died in an alley, butchered by cowards.”
Killing off such a important character this early…bold strategy Benioff and Weiss. I expect a certain grizzly bear will take over Barristan’s responsibilities down the road or the show will just go in a different direction entirely with the Meereen plotline.
Daario – “Let’s pull everyone back to the pyramid, then clean the city out.”
Whoa there buddy, maybe you should pull back. He wants to slaughter everyone in the city. Harsh.
Daenerys – “I’d rather round up all the leaders of the great families.”
Hizdahr – “… But I’m the leader of my family…I’m sorry for requesting to reopen the pits earlier!”
What happened with this guy? Wasn’t he on her small council? Now it’s just Daario?
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