Flash Recap: Fast Enough

he can fly!

And one day I’ll find who killed my mother and get justice for my father. That day is today. Good, hopefully that’ll be the end of that monologue.

Wells – “We’re out of cows where I come from.”
Why does he want to go to the future again?
“Go ahead Barry, ask it.”
Barry – “Am I fast enough now bitch? Why did you kill my mother?”
Eobard – “Because I hate you. Not you now, you years from now. You in another future.”
That seems like a good enough reason to kill someone’s mother.
Barry – “Why were we enemies?”
Eobard – “It doesn’t matter.”
It does matter!
“Neither of use was strong enough to defeat the other.”
Barry didn’t have anyone to team up with in the future?
“Until I learned your name.”
When? During the end of their first battle?!
His plan was to go back in time and wipe Barry off the face of the earth, but when he couldn’t do that he kills Barry’s mom instead. Okay, makes sense, but Future Barry’s actions don’t. Saving his younger self and then leaving his parents with Reverse Flash seems like a terrible idea, also why leaves Reverse Flash in the past? Did he cease to exist as soon as Wells stabbed his mom?…
“If you give me what I want, I’m going to give you what you want. You can go back and save your mother, save your father from prison, you can reunite the Allen family.”
i hate you barry...your mom!He could save his dad literally right now…
Barry – “No I don’t believe you, I want to kill you right now.”
Smartest thing Barry has said all season.
Eobard – “I used to know that rage, but now, somehow, I know what Joe and Henry feel when they look on you with pride. With love.”
He’s really brown-nosing Barry right now, probably because he wants to get out of the pipeline cell. Didn’t he design that with Cisco? He should be able to get out.
Barry – “No, don’t you ever say that to me.”
Eobard – (It was me Barry! I love you!)
“I’m giving you a chance to undo all the evil I’ve done. Don’t you want that chance?”
But then he’ll just do more evil…

Dr. Stein – “That night altered the timeline you were already on and changed the course of history. Nothing would be as it is today.”
They’re living in a parallel universe, but Barry still becomes the Flash in both universes.
Barry – “If I go back and save my mom, my dad doesn’t go to prison, I never live with Joe and Iris, and I might never meet Cisco or Caitlin…or Ronnie.”
Yeah, everyone forgets Ronnie. No mention of Stein? He’s standing right there…
“Are you okay with that Joe?”
I mean he’d still be friends with the West family…
Joe – “Barry…you get the chance to grow up with both parents. You can get your mother back.”
But then he’d lose out on having a hot step sister.
Barry – “But what about growing up without a father?”
Joe – “But you do have a father, your real father.”
Yeah…has this been the problem the whole time? Was his dad not a good father and that’s why Barry refuses to rescue him out of prison?!
Joe – “This is why you became the Flash, to put things right.”
Technically he became the Flash because Reverse Flash needed him to get faster…

barry crying on the phone...again 2Barry – “Dad, I can go back in time and save mom.”
Mr. Allen – (I thought you were fast, how are you able to time travel again?)
“What does Joe think about all this?”
Barry – “He thinks I should do it.”
Mr. Allen – (Well if Joe thinks he should do it then he must be wrong.)
Mr. Allen – “No, you can’t. Things happen for a reason Barry…even bad things.”
I honestly think Mr. Allen may not have loved his wife too much…
Mr. Allen – “If she thought for one second going back to save her meant you losing what makes you so special, she would never want that.”
Yeah, their shitty parenting might have ruined Barry.

Ronnie – “I realized why I first left was stupid and I want to stay with you now.”
Ronnie says he’s here for good, but I’m not buying it with his spin-off coming up.
“I’m not whole unless I’m with you.”
Funny, he says this to Dr. Stein all the time.

Iris finds Barry on the roof of Jitters. Fun fact, if you look carefully at the background you can still see Grodd jumping off buildings…
grodd is that you? like in the background
Barry – “I thought this would be a good place to think.”
Iris – “It is trust me; I’ve done a lot of thinking up here.”
Get off the roof Bare! Otherwise he’ll become as dumb as Iris!
Barry – (What if my mom is worse than you guys?)
That’s basically what it boils down to.
Barry – “What should I do? I need someone to tell me?”
He needs someone to tell him to do everything.
Iris – “Do what’s in your heart.”
She’s thinking again…

Why does Reverse Flash get fed? He didn’t feed Eddie.
Barry – “How does this work? Your grand plan?”
They’ll use the particle accelerator for what it’s actually designed for and have Barry run into a particle at super speed to create a wormhole. He doesn’t need Wells, he only really needs Iris whispering encouraging words in his ear, but even that’s more of a luxury. He said last episode that he learned not to trust the villains, but he’s trusting the villain again.

Dr. Stein – “Once Barry reaches optimum speed we’ll then launch a hydrogen particle.”
Will Barry die if he’s not fast enough? Aren’t they releasing the particle when he’s running fast enough…there seems to be no risk here unless they release the particle too soon.
Comic Relief – “On one hand it kind of makes sense, on the other hand, why?”cisco is like why bro? por que?
Because he loves his mom.
Barry would have to run Mach 2 to time travel.
Caitlin – “You’ve never gone that fast.”
That’s always the answer…didn’t he go back in time already? Maybe he has gone that fast.
Barry – “I need you to build me a time machine.”
He can’t be serious…he’s actually going to release Wells and build him a time machine? Why?! Because he’s a man of his word?!

Ronnie – “So if Wells is as fast as you, what does he need a time machine for?”
After pretending to need a wheelchair for so long he just prefers sitting.
Barry – “He can’t fully control his speed and he’ll need the time machine to travel back.”
They’re actually helping him build a time machine…
Comic Relief- “Ronnie I love you, but this is a time machine, not a bookcase from Ikea.”
Ronnie helps build the time machine more than Cisco.
Cisco – (Oh shit, I forgot you were smart.)

Eobard – “Something on your mind Cisco?”
Cisco – “No…yes. How did you fit your Reverse Flash suit in that ring?”
Don’t get ahead of yourself Cisco, that’s a Season 2 problems.
Eobard – “I never underestimated your contribution Cisco…or Ronnie.”
I mean it was Ronnie who helped out here…why does everyone forget Ronnie?
“I thought out of everyone you would understand that I don’t belong here.”
choke him cisco! let the hate flowHe really wants to get out of his cell.
Cisco – “Yeah, well you killed me.”
Eobard – (Shit, you remember that?)
“Cisco, I’m sorry.”
Brown-nosing Cisco shouldn’t work…but it does.
Cisco – “Yeah…it sucked.”
Dying, am I right? The worst.
“Not for killing you, I’m sure I had a good reason.”
I love this guy, please keep him on for next season.
“You’re able to see the vibrations of the universe. I wasn’t sure until just now, but you also received powers the night the accelerator exploded.”
Now I don’t know too much about the comics or this Vibe character that Cisco becomes, but I always assumed that he’d make his super powers like Iron Man and not receive them like Barry.
Cisco – “No…I wasn’t.”
Eobard – “It was me Cisco! I gave you those powers!”

smart man and cop man

Eddie – “Joe told me to stick around if I was needed, but it seems I was only in the way.”
That never stopped Iris.
Dr. Stein – “Why would you listen to what Wells told you?”
Because they’re family?…
Eddie – “He had a newspaper from the year 2024…”
Yeah, I’m sold. One newspaper.
Dr. Stein – “And you believed him?!”
Eddie isn’t the smartest person.
“What are the odds of Dr. Wells traveling back in time and meeting his super great-grandfather?”
Almost 100% if it’s on a CW television show.
“You sir are an anomaly…a wildcard.”
Cut the brakes and get that vasectomy Eddie!

Dr. Stein – “There’s a danger in the calculations, everyone could die.”
This is why math’s important kids.
“Staying too long in the past could result in the wormhole creating a singularity.”
Caitlin – “What’s a singularity?”
Are you not a doctor? What’s her speciality again?
Cisco – “It’s a black hole.”
This plan keeps getting better and better.

yeah, a bit of a risk. no biggie

Eobard – “Well sure there’s a bit of a risk.”
He doesn’t care what happens because he’s traveling back to the future, Doc.
Dr. Stein – “This could lead to our extinction.”
Like he said, a little bit of a risk.
Eobard – “I’ve been planning this for two decades, it will work.”
I’ve been chewing for two decades and still sometimes bite myself, mistakes could still happen.
Barry will have 1 minute and 52 seconds to go back in time and change the past…it seems specific, is this referencing anything? He’ll have to choose between saving his mom and stopping Reverse Flash from going home…but why?! There should be no choice to make! Keep him in prison!

Barry – “If I don’t run fast enough then I’ll turn into dust.”
They won’t release the particle until he’s running fast enough… Is he speculating he might trip or slip while running? Does Grodd actually like bananas and leave those slip hazards in STAR Labs?
“But if I’m not back in time a black hole will swallow the city and possibly the world.”
And Reverse Flash will escape… I wonder if Barry will be fast enough? Does the title give it away?
Joe – “Of course I’m scared, but I don’t want you to not help your mother because of me.”
but...am...i....fast...enough....Barry – “Do you think I’m fast enough?”
How many times is he going to say this?!
Joe – “I know you are.”
Barry – “I dreamed my whole life about saving her, but I never thought I’d have to lose another parent to do that.”
Was his mom a racist? He’d still see Uncle Joe all the time.
“I was born with one father and then tragedy gave me another. I don’t think I can lose you too.”
Joe – “You won’t ever lose me, ever, you hear me? Ever.”
Please don’t die Joe.

Eddie visits Iris at work.
“I got hungry so I went to Momma Chao’s.”
I wonder if that’s an Asian restaurant?
A year and a half ago he got stood up at this restaurant and later that night he met Iris and Barry in the pilot. He still loves her and wants to get back together…
“We’ve all been focused on Barry’s destiny that I forgot that I have one too.”
He could be using this time to get a vasectomy!
“Every moment of my life led to me meeting you.”
I hate this cliche. It’s so lame.
“Screw the future.”
Screw newspapers.

wedding outside star labs

They get married right outside STAR Labs…they didn’t invite Dr. Wells, what jerks.
Stein – “My father made me become a Rabbi before going to MIT, this will be legit as the kids say.”
Who writes for this guy?! Caitlin is in a wedding dress, but Ronnie is wearing his usual clothes…
Ronnie – “I owe you a real ring.”
He doesn’t have a legit ring either…but she had this wedding dress rarin’ to go.
“If all the events led us to this moment, then it was worth it.”
Two cliche love scenes back to back! Iris catches the bouquet.

Here are every characters opinions on whether Barry should travel back in time.
Team Don’t Go Back in Time
His Dad
home is where there aren't any burgersCisco
Team Go Back in Time
Reverse Flash
His Mom?
Team Useless Advice
Team No Opinion
Dr. Stein/Firestorm…they would be in the same team

goodbye stranger, goodbye jane. hope to see you, all agane

Barry hugs Caitlin goodbye.
Cisco – “Let the speed force be with you.”
Barry – (I’m not going to miss Cisco at all.) “Goodbye dad.”
Joe – “Goodbye son.”
Iris – “You don’t have to say anything, I already know.”
And then he just nods to Eddie…I don’t think Eddie liked Barry hugging Iris goodbye.
Dr. Wells – “I believe in you. Now…run…Barry…run.”
He said the line! I’m not sure if he took enough dramatic pauses though.
Mach 2 is ~ 1522 MPH, and I don’t know how long the diameter of STAR Labs is, but those lightning streaks that represent Barry running past Wells should be constant right? We see glimpses of the future/other timelines. There’s Killer Frost, a golden statue of the Flash in front of city hall, and Barry in jail talking to someone. No device, just coffee to notify them when Barry is running fast enough… there may have been a legit chance Barry could have died here.
Iris – “What happened?!”
Caitlin – “Barry…he’s gone.”
Poor choice of words Dr. Snow.
They’re a little slow on starting the timer count down.

Barry travels back in time to see his future self telling him not to save his mom? It was unclear, but future Barry held out his hand and Bare listens to him? What?! Did he just make this decision now or did he always know he was going to let her die? Now he can talk to his mom as she dies in his arms…fun. I’m pretty sure he could still run her to the hospital. Mr. Allen is knocked out on the floor, so that’s where he was during all of this.
Mrs. Allen – “Who are you?”
Barry – “I’m the Flash.”
Tell her you’re her son! We have limited time here dumbass!
my beautiful boy
He removes his mask…for a limited time, 26 people knew Barry’s secret identity.
Mrs. Allen – “You look just like my father.”
I am your father!
Barry – “This won’t make any sense, but it’s me, mom. It’s Barry.”
Mrs. Allen – “Oh my beautiful boy.”
Well she can’t say he’s smart.
Barry – “I got a second chance to come back here…and tell you I’m okay. Dad and I are both okay.”
I mean he’s in prison.
“We love you mom, I love you.”
Mrs. Allen – “I love you.”
(Why didn’t you save me?! You were right there!)
Does he have to run again at Mach 2 speed to get back?…

They actually release Reverse Flash and give him a time machine… I have no words.
Eobard – “Rip Hunter would be impressed, interesting man.”
We get it, we’ll watch Legends of Tomorrow.
A miniature helmet of the silver age Flash Jay Garrick flies out of the wormhole…is he also Ant Man? Do things shrink during time travel?
Eobard – “Thank you Cisco.”
Stab him in the heart, now’s your chance! He’s still brown-nosing Cisco despite being out…
Cisco – “Don’t ever come back.”
He actually doesn’t double-cross them…all he wanted to do was go home.

flyco punch

Barry flies through the wormhole and smashes the time machine in one punch.
Barry – (Sorry that was an accident, didn’t think you would be there.)
Why are they scrambling now? Were they not ready to shut down the wormhole immediately after he came back?
Reverse Flash – “You didn’t save her?! WHY?!”
I’m not really sure either.
“You could have had everything you ever wanted!”
Barry – “I already do.”
Yeah, his mom kind of sucked anyway and his dad being in jail is for the best…and Iris doesn’t love him…okay maybe he doesn’t have everything, way to waste everyone’s time Bare.
Reverse Flash – “Not for long.”
I want Reverse Flash to win.
While trying to cut the power Ronnie gets flung into the wall…the good news is they have a spare wheelchair handy if the worst happened. Not sure how the power had any effect on the wormhole remaining open… Caitlin manages to pull the plug at the last second, but the timer started slow. Barry and Reverse Flash duke it out at super speed…with Reverse Flash kicking Barry’s ass without his friends to help him.
Reverse Flash – “Just so we’re clear I’m going to kill them and then I’m going to kill your father.”
Is he legit?! But then how would he get into the future?
“I always win Flash!”
Except when he literally lost last episode…and 15 years ago.

death by heart punch! my on;y regret is not killing cisco earlier

I thought someone shot Reverse Flash, but it was Eddie shooting himself in the heart…and he was to blame, he gave love a bad name. Eddie dying means Reverse Flash is erased from existence.
Eddie – “He was wrong, turns out I’m a hero after all.”
He could have lived…
Iris – “You are Eddie, you’re my hero.”
After the Flash of course.
Eddie – “That’s all I ever wanted to be.”
How about being alive?
Reverse Flash melts in the air…his only regret was not killing Cisco when he had the chance.
“I’ve controlled your life for so long Barry, how will you get along without me?”
Probably fine, but cool final words.
And he ruins it.

he's melting...noooooo

The wormhole reopens and increases in size because… Reverse Flash died? The timer was off? It ascends over Central City instead of staying in STAR Labs because it’s cooler that way.
Cisco – “Guys, that’s not good.”
Thanks Captain Obvious. That could be his hero nickname!
They leave Eddie’s body to get sucked up into the wormhole. Barry totally could have picked him up, but he already touched one dead body today, he’s not doing that again.
Dr. Stein – “The singularity won’t stop, not even after the earth is gone.”
That’s not legit, as the kids say!
Some cars and buildings get sucked into the wormhole, but no people get sucked into the sky.
Captain Cold was in full gear and robbing someone.
An attractive girl that looks like Hawkgirl looks up at the sky.
The Chief just got back from his honeymoon only to run into this mess! He also got out of the wrong side of the car.
Mr. Allen is reading a book in his cell.
Dr. Stein – “We’re going to die!”
Caitlin – “But what does that mean?!”
Seriously, is she not smart now?
Barry – “Basically it’s like the tornado from the pilot but upside down and bigger and scarier…”
It’s a black hole, just say it’s a black hole, it’s clearly nothing like the tornado.
Dr. Stein – “It cannot be stopped!”
It has a power level of over 9000!
Barry – “No, it can be stopped. I am fast enough now!”
But can he fly?

red speed force eyes
He has red speed force eyes now? Did he absorb Wells? He runs up a building and then jumps off debris floating towards the black hole. Once there he then hops from debris piece to debris piece in the black hole. Then it ends. That’s it? I feel like the writers didn’t really know where to end it and sort of just left us hanging. Remember when Dr. Wells took a sample from the electric vampire dead guy a dozen episodes back? So nothing happened from that?!

I don’t know too much about the comics so maybe the plot is already out there, but I’ll speculate on Season 2.

If Reverse Flash never existed then he couldn’t have killed Barry’s mom and start all of this. I think the actor that plays Harrison Wells will be back next season as Harrison Wells, there’s a reason they got a different actor to play the real Reverse Flash, and I feel like it’s for something like this. Plus he has great chemistry with all the actors on the show.

killer frost probably
Caitlin Snow is Killer Frost apparently. From everything in this season I feel like nothing could turn her to the dark side. Ronnie dying again wouldn’t do it. I could see Barry running into a different timeline to stop all of this and somehow end up in the darkest timeline where she’s evil or gets infected with an evil virus, but as far as character development goes I don’t see any indication she’ll turn into a villain.

So every thing should change next season right? Eddie killing himself should mean Reverse Flash never existed and couldn’t go back in time and kill Barry’s mom…and Barry wouldn’t be the man he is today. Reverse Flash created Grodd and most of the metahumans…undoing everything he did would mean undoing everything that happened this season. Maybe Barry running into the black hole brings him back in time again? They could go in an entirely different direction because I’m not sure how they’ll be able to get back to the same dynamic we saw in the beginning of the season unless they ignore a bunch of time travel paradoxes, but that’s probably what they’ll do. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I don’t think Harrison Wells is done with the show and I could see him returning as himself and not secretly Reverse Flash. Somehow Caitlin will become Killer Frost next season too and I think Cisco being able to see the “vibrations” of the timelines will come into play at the start of the Season 2, but other people probably know more about what’s coming next than me.

Thanks for reading my Flash Season 1 recaps! I appreciate everyone that stayed and enjoyed them.


5 thoughts on “Flash Recap: Fast Enough

  1. I love it when a sci-fi show messes with time travel. At some point they mention the rules but immediately drop them if it didn’t serve the plot to progress. Eddie killing himself sets up the so-called butterfly effect wich erases Eobard from existence. Shouldn’t it also erase Eobards initial time travel and murder of Barry’s mom from existence too? The only reason Barry ended up at CCPD CSI was that his mom was murdered and his dad imprisoned. So if Eobard never existed thanks to Eddies useless sacrifice then he wouldn’t have never travelled back in time, killed Barry’s mom and created the Flash in the first place.
    But hey, if the Fast & Furious franchise can kill suspension of disbelief and murder every single law of nature, then the cliche-loaden fairy-tale of a scarlet speedster can do that with ease.
    Btw, I love the retcon BS of Dr. Stein being a Rabbi for the sake of the wedding scene and to avoid billing another actor for this. They could have made it more cheesy and simply said he has a captain’s patent (despite the fact that sea faring captain’s are not allowed to perform weddings – but this show is a real as LSD-induced flying pink elephants anyway).
    My wish for the second season – every episode should end in karaoke night with all actors, because that’s what Barry is only good at.

    • Time travel usually never makes sense plotwise. Here especially, Eddie killing himself should have massive consequences on everything right?! All your points are valid, but who knows where they decide to take the show…they might just overlook all of that.
      The wedding seemed out of the blue to begin with and almost every TV show – Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec – has the friend marry the couple because God forbid some random character do something so important.
      Yeah I’d love for them to do a singing episode, I know Joe can sing pretty well.

  2. Well, it’s been a so-so season of The Flash, and quite honestly, this season finale had me quite peeved, so much so I feel kinda lazy to even elaborate in my post. That being said, if you stopped doing posts on the series, I would understand and wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. But if you don’t, I would enjoy your posts all the same. I’ve enjoyed your humor and wouldn’t stop reading. Hopefully, you can bring the same humor expressing your thoughts on Supergirl (yes, yet another DC comic book TV adaptation written/produced by the same people of The Flash and Arrow *cringe*). Thanks for the fish, man.

    • Writing for readers like you made it more fun and motivated me to be better. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the series, but I’ll tell you if I will. Thanks for commenting and sticking with me.

      • No problem, man. Thank you for the laughs and for seemingly being one of the very few people for seeing this show for what it really is: an underwhelming, overhyped, hopelessly derivative excuse of a DC tv universe trying to keep on the heels of the Marvel Universe. And no, I’m not a Marvel fanboy. I just notice the trends that CW replicates from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (with the whole suspenseful post-credits scene). Looking forward to viewing more of your posts (particularly the Idiot’s Guide to Game of Thrones; I really did try to catch up on the shows to no avail lol). Thanks!

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