Mad Max Fury Road: Mad Good

ma max fury road poster
I haven’t seen any of the past Mad Max films and I don’t particularly like action movies, but Mad Max Fury Road was bizarre and different, but also amazingly entertaining. It’s the best action movie I’ve ever seen, throws you right into the action and never lets off the throttle.

Why can’t more action movies be like this? It treats it’s audience like adults, the plot isn’t spoon fed to the audience and this movie could easily be watched as a stand alone film. It’s understood Max has a tragic past, everyone has a tragic past in this dystopian wasteland!, but it doesn’t waste our time detailing what happened to him. In a movie where people worship steering wheels and battle in decked out vehicles, it felt realistic. I walked in not knowing what I was getting into, I didn’t even see the trailer, but knew it garnered favorable reviews. I walked away so impressed it compelled me to write one myself.
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