Mad Max Fury Road: Mad Good

ma max fury road poster
I haven’t seen any of the past Mad Max films and I don’t particularly like action movies, but Mad Max Fury Road was bizarre and different, but also amazingly entertaining. It’s the best action movie I’ve ever seen, throws you right into the action and never lets off the throttle.

Why can’t more action movies be like this? It treats it’s audience like adults, the plot isn’t spoon fed to the audience and this movie could easily be watched as a stand alone film. It’s understood Max has a tragic past, everyone has a tragic past in this dystopian wasteland!, but it doesn’t waste our time detailing what happened to him. In a movie where people worship steering wheels and battle in decked out vehicles, it felt realistic. I walked in not knowing what I was getting into, I didn’t even see the trailer, but knew it garnered favorable reviews. I walked away so impressed it compelled me to write one myself.

The action is surprisingly realistic in this bizarre and insane world Fury Road is set in. Usually action scenes are so hard to follow because of excessive cuts and shaky cam, but there was almost none of that here. Every thing flowed, despite the gritty and twisted dystopian setting, the movie itself was eloquent and simple. There’s no unnecessary backstory,  we know who the bad guys are, we know who the good guys are, and we know they’re running away.The cinematography, the breathtaking landscape, the car battles, the special effects, there was no wasted scene throughout the movie and it was all appeasing to the eye.

he looked weird yup

The sound track got me amped, I could beat Lance Armstrong in a bike race listening to this soundtrack. The decked out truck rocking the guitarist and drummers always brought a smile to my face. The guitar man’s solos seamlessly weave into the sound track, his guitar shoots flames! In a movie as badass as this one this guy held a special place in my heart and I don’t think he had one speaking line.

I wanted to buy a motorcycle or truck and drive it in the desert after watching this movie. It’s surprisingly funny and avoids most cliché movie tropes that hold most summer popcorn flicks down. There’s conflict, but the hero doesn’t win because he’s the hero, there’s no deus ex machina that saves any of the characters from danger, the sense of urgency and the threats are very real. There’s no romantic subplot between the two main characters just because they’re the main characters and they’re opposite genders, something that happens in almost every movie… I did not see it in 3D, but noticed a couple of scenes catered for 3D.

Tom Hardy brought a familiar Bane like voice to his portrayal of Max, he even wears a mask for the first hour of the movie, but his facial reactions were his strongest part of his character.
bane? is that you?
The unspoken dialogue overall was fantastic, so much was able to be conveyed without words. Charlize Theron is just a badass and she and Hardy had great chemistry. I loved Charlize Theron’s character name, Imperator Furiosa. I’m not 100% sure what most of the other character’s names were, but hers was awesome. Furiosa. Nick Hoult was weird looking, his other movies, Warm Bodies and X-Men, also had him heavily clad in costume as well. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be recognized in the streets? There are some very attractive models in the movie that could have easily been one-dimensional in a less deft director’s hands, but none of them were. That’s more I can say for any Michael Bay female lead, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley actually was the female lead in Transformers 3, but as a secondary character here out shined her previous role tenfold.

Despite drugged out cult goons throwing spears at the main characters, their reactions were natural and realistic. The villains were insane and grotesque, but their motivation was understandable as well. Some of the goon characters have personalities, not all of the bad guys are Stormtroopers, some of them I actually pitied when they died.

The women characters were fantastic, I think director George Miller treated every character like a human being instead of female or male characters. Female characters would kill people as casually as Mad Max or the main bad guy would. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron could have switched roles, they weren’t really gender specific, and I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

I watched the trailer after I watched the movie and it doesn’t do it justice. Just go see this movie, go see it alone if you have to. Wow. Entertaining the whole way through. A twisted world, beautifully shot and surprisingly funny. Rebooting this franchise seemed random, but I’m so happy with what came from it. A must see movie of the summer and in general. The less you know going into it the better and I tried not to spoil anything here with this review.

mad max and furiosa...what an awesome name


4 thoughts on “Mad Max Fury Road: Mad Good

  1. I watched this movie this week and agree with you in every aspect of your review. Charlize Theron was a blast! I never was impressed by this actress and avoided most of the movies she was starring but here..oh boy, she blew me away. Even if you don’t have seen any previous Mad Max movie at all doesn’t matter since there is no real continuity among those and can be viewed seperately. I was amazed by the stunt work and practical effects, no shaky cam except in close ups while driving wich makes sense cause it adds movement to the scene and the sparse but wisely used CGI was a relief compared to other CGI-loaden blockbusters in the last decades ( cough…Clone Wars…cough). The only obviously used CGI effect was the beautyful long wide shot of the Furiosas battle-truck driving into the massive sandstorm wich I use from now on as desktop wallpaper to remind me of this 2-hour-insane-rollercoaster-ride-of-pure-madness.
    George Miller had the balls to pull this stunt in competition to other blockbusters like Avengers 2 – Age of Disney and single-handedly disarmed them with ease. He even had the guts to kill a pregnant woman and avoid cliche romance and cheesy dialogue wich has become so common these days like vegan food and everyone appreciated the well-roasted T-bone steak Miller delivers here. He understands that CGI should only support a movie and not dominate it and he know the world he created very well – it isn’t a fairy tale.
    I love the pacing – non-stop action and madness when the fighting happened and some slow scenes when the heroes (and the audience) can finally catch some breath and deliver sparse but essential dialogue and character background. Speaking of dialogue – I never watched a movie that was able to deliver so many information about characters, fractions and background without dialogue, instead using images. A picture speaks more than thousands words and this movie is a living, breathing testimony to that.

    A toast to this movie and Georg Miller

    • Oh wow, thanks for all the likes man. Very in depth comment.
      I actually went to see Mad Max again in theaters, dragging some reluctant friends along, but afterwords they wouldn’t stop complaining about the “love scene” between the red head and the war boy. It was 2 minutes of dialogue and the rest was background body language! Their romantic pairing establishes his quick turn around to their side too…

      • Don’t mention it. It just occurred to me that I really liked your Flash reviews and never gave you a “like” at all! That’s how bad a a person I am. I just wanted to status quo my karma man 😉

        And yes, I have to see that movie again too just to see if it still hit me like a spiked truck like the first time. I don’t bother the love scene at all because it was quick and had no real impact on the story at all…just like in Rambo II.

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