Game of Thrones Recap: The Gift

he was a king's brother and a potential king himself, a good man

The word “gift” was uttered more often by the characters than “winter is coming” and boobs shown combined this episode. I’ve read the books, but I won’t spoil anything by bringing up new material for show watchers, but I will make references to the book. There will be spoilers for this episode though, duh.

Jon prepares to travel to Hardhome with Tormundo Unchained, but it looks like Jon won’t be bringing Ghost. I mean even the Sand Snakes brought poisoned weapons with them on their kidnap? mission and they’re idiots. Maybe bring that direwolf when meeting a horde of wildlings in White Walker undead army territory! Alliser and Olly look on unapprovingly.
Alliser – “Lord Commander, I believe this decision to be reckless, foolhardy, and an insult to all the brothers that have died fighting the wildlings.”
This comment would hold more weight if it wasn’t his reply to all of Jon’s decisions.
Jon – “As always thank you for your honesty.”
Sam gives Jon a dragon glass dagger; I’m sure it won’t come into play next episode.

gilly and eggAemon Targaryen is the only role actor Peter Vaughan has been doing since 2011, I think he’s tired and Benoiff and Weiss wrote off his character a little early to accommodate him. He’s been a great Aemon.
Aemon – “That laugh…Egg!”
Gilly – (This guy’s insane, don’t eat my baby!)
Egg is short for Aegon, Aemon’s little brother and a previous king. George RR occasionally publishes novellas about a younger EggI highly recommend reading those if you have the chance. It wouldn’t surprise me if the dying blind man was actually copping a feel on Gilly instead of touching the baby’s head… I’d be disappointed if he didn’t at least try, he has nothing to lose.
Aemon – “Take him south before it’s too late.”
If Little Sam gets too old he’s required to join the Night’s Watch.

Sansa is crying in her bed covered in bruises because she’s not a bystander to tragedy anymore! She’s getting punched in the face by tragedy instead of watching on the sidelines. Reek unsuccessfully tries to leave her room without her noticing. He fails.
Sansa – “Help me. He hurts me every night.”
Her hair isn’t long enough to rapunzel out of her room.
Reek – “It can always be worse.”
Yeah, Ramsay could cut off her dick…
She asks Reek to light a candle in the broken tower, she needs his help to get better help.
Sansa – “Your name is Theon Greyjoy, last surviving son of Balon Greyjoy, lord of the Iron Islands.”
Who the hell is Balon Greyjoy? Seriously though, are we ever going to see any Ironborn again?
“Theon…promise me.”
I like to believe Sansa saying “promise me” is a nod to the Ned Stark’s POV chapters.
Theon doesn’t go to the broken tower though; he goes straight to Ramsay. His redemption arc hasn’t jumped off yet, he’s still broken. I thought Ramsay was in the broken tower on my first viewing and lighting a candle was a trap, but now it’s clear Reek went straight to Ramsay.
this is all i do, every day every day
Brienne passionately stares at the broken tower… Ignore the signal, Sansa clearly needs help, go rescue her now! What’s her game plan? Break into Winterfell as soon as the candle’s lit? Seeing that petite candle in this bad weather seems tough and there’s a good chance the candle could get blown out in this storm too. Is Brienne just looking at this candle 24/7?

Gilly – “Get some sleep Sam; you’ll have to speak for him tomorrow.”
Can she see the future? Did she taste Aemon’s blood like Maggy the Frog?
Aemon – “Egg…I dreamed that I was old.”
This line held so much weight in the book and I loved it’s inclusion here. Great job by the actor.
Everyone in the Night’s Watch dresses in black for his funeral… they’ll continue to wear black for the rest of their lives, out of respect for Aemon.
“He was the blood of the dragon, but now his fire has gone out. And now his watch has ended.”
The eulogy was trimmed down, but the parts used were verbatim in the books.
Alliser – “You’re losing all your friends Tarly.”
Aemon’s body isn’t even cold yet, maybe tone down the attitude Alliser.

Ramsay – “When my father told me we were marrying, I half expected a fat bearded beast.”
Why would he expect that? She’s not a Frey.
Sansa mentions Fat Walda’s pregnancy and calls Ramsay a bastard to his face. I think they’re trying to show her “playing the game” by having her “manipulate” him against his father, but this interaction probably only earned her a few extra bruises later that night. Ramsay flayed the old lady, I’m not sure how he knew about her when Theon shouldn’t even know about her.
Ramsay – “It’s far too cold out here for a lady.”
Yeah Sansa, now go back to your room forever.

ramsay crazy, ramsay crazy happy

Davos – “40 horses died in the night and we’re running out of food.”
Uh…eat the horses? Problem solved.
The Stormcrows left them, a sellsword group with 500 men. In the books Daario is the leader of the Stormcrows and not the Second Sons.
Stannis – “Sellswords, loyal to nothing but gold.”
And folded to the cold. Did Stannis not have enough gold to keep them?
Stannis – “If I run again I’ll become the king who ran.”
It’s better than being dead.
“If we march back, we winter at Castle Black. Who can say how many years this winter will last?”
Probably the same amount of time it takes for George RR to write a book… they might die before winter ends.
“This is the right time and I will risk everything. We march to victory or we march to defeat. ”
He’s doomed to fail isn’t he… Maybe instead of marching he should try cross-country skiing? Seems like a practical way to march in this weather.
Stannis – (Maybe I shouldn’t have put all my faith in a crazy hot red head just because I saw some flickers in a fire that may or may not have been my own reflection.)
Melisandre – “Sometimes sacrifices must be made. I have shown you the power of king’s blood.”
Balon Greyjoy needs to get busy dying or get kraken. I can’t think of any reason why he’s still alive other than them being insistent on not including any Ironborn plot. Why wouldn’t leeches work here again? Does she want to burn Shireen whole because she doesn’t know how to seduce a child? This better not happen, I would lose all  the respect I had for Stannis if he lets this happen.

sam...there better be a ghost saving my ass later

Two Night’s Watchmen want to rape Gilly, if only Aemon were still alive, he would have kicked their asses Daredevil style. Interestingly enough, these two were sent to the Wall for being ninth-born sons and not rapers.
“Sam the slayer. You going to slay me with that sword?”
Gets slayed
…I wish, instead Sam gets beat up badly by these two guys before getting saved by Ghost. Gilly wasn’t a bystander to tragedy during this ordeal, she attacked these guys. I wish Alliser saved Sam, it would have shown he put the Watch ahead of his personal feelings and it would have given his character more depth. Ghost saves the day because it “justifies” Jon leaving him behind.
Sam – “They were tiring out; I had them in the palm of my hand.”
Sam the Liar.
Gilly – “Promise me, that whatever happens you’ll take care of little Sam.”
Another nod to Ned Stark’s chapters, but now we’re getting a little closer to what many book readers believe what that promise was. Where is Little Sam? Is Ghost taking care of him too?
Gilly – “I need more water.”
Sam – “Stay…please.”
She was coming back, she just needed more water to wash the blood off his face! What happens here reminds me of the Tyrion’s story about his first wife, a woman doesn’t invite another man into her bed after almost being raped… unless that man is Sam the Slayer.
Gilly – “Am I hurting you?”
Sam’s probably suffering from internal bleeding and a handful of broken ribs, but there’s no way he’s telling her to stop.
Sam – “Oh my!…Who’s your daddy!
Gilly – (My dad was better.)

what was this filmed in someone's backyard?

Slaver – “He was the first man through the breach during the siege of spike.”
Is this a meta joke? Fuck the Ironborn, am I right? Pyke is where the siege was held.
“Slaughtering 50 men with his flaming sword. He killed Khal Drogo in single combat.”
Hey, he took my advice about exaggerating and lying about everything. “He’s a bear!”
This scene looks like it took very minimal effort to set up. I’m not sure if 20 gold pieces is a good price for Jorah, but going off the wiki, 210 Silver Stags equate to 1 Gold Dragon, so Jorah went for ~ 4200 silver stags. In the books Tyrion went for over 5,000 silver pieces. I’m not sure what kind of currency was used here, but in the books Jorah only went for 300 silver. He wasn’t very cooperative in the books and that drove down his price.
I don’t believe for a second Tyrion beat up that guy, he was just a dedicated salesman and was trying to drive up Tyrion’s price. Good job buddy, it worked. The person who bought Jorah pays for Tyrion with the leftover money in his hand…is that really more gold than they could have gotten from a cock merchant?
Tyrion – “Do the pit fighters get paid a wage? Because I want to be paid in wine.”
He’ll never give up on his conquest.

Daario pillow talks with Dany about Hizdahr being the leader of the Sons of the Harpy. This can’t just be a throwaway line and I’m guessing it’ll be revealed later that either Hizdahr or Daario will be the leader of the Harpy. Neither were in the books, but I can see this making sense in the show.
Dany – “I need the city of Meereen behind me.”
But she’ll settle for Daario behind her.
Daario – “You are the only person in Meereen who is not free.”
Dragons don’t count.
Daario – “If I could give you some advice, gather all the great masters when the fighting pits open and slaughter them all.”
This guy is insane…she really needs Tyrion to get here faster.
“All rulers are either butchers or meat.”
Where’d he hear that line from? A butcher? I don’t trust this guy.

thornes and sparrow

Queen of Thornes – “Where can I find the High Septon or High Sparrow or whatever bloody fool name he’s got.”
High Sparrow – “It’s not as good a name as Queen of Thornes, I admit.”
I like his nickname though…
“I can smell a fraud from a mile away.”
And she can smell shit 5 miles away.
“What is it you want? Gold?”
Clearly it’s not gold.
High Sparrow – “I serve the gods and the gods demand justice.”
Queen of Thornes – “How do they communicate their demands? Raven or horse?”
Both, but only through prayer…raven and horse prayer.
“You live among murders thieves and rapers. And yet you punish my grandchildren.”
At least he’s not living with ninth born sons.
She keeps threatening to stop providing the capital with food, but she also has the largest army in the world, maybe use that as a threat as well? She has all the power here, I think the Tyrell army can defeat a Faith Militant group formed a couple weeks ago.
High Sparrow – “A lifetime of power has left you blind in one eye.”
An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind, I’m saying, stab this guy in the eye.

tommen tommadTommen – “She’s in a prison cell and there’s nothing I can do.”
There’s a lot he can do. The Queen of Thornes literally just talked to the High Sparrow, what’s Tommen’s excuse again?
Cersei – “Your father, your brother, your grandfather. I was queen and couldn’t do anything to prevent their deaths.”
She actually helped kill his “father.” And Margaery isn’t dead, he can prevent her imprisonment…just a terrible comparison overall.
Joffrey – “I’ll call in the army, I’ll take back the sept and kill every last one of them.”
He must really want to have sex with Margaery to have transformed into Joffrey.
Cersei – “Let me talk to him. The king cannot sully himself with an unwashed fanatic.”
But he talks to her every day.
“I would do anything for you; I would burn cities to the ground.”
That’s true love right there…I don’t blame Myrcella for not wanting to come home.

father daughter bondingMyrcella – “You look different when I left.”
This is coming from an entirely different actress…
“Why is this happening at all?”
She’s talking directly to the writers here.
Jaime – “Your mother is worried about you.”
And so is her father.
“I’ve come to take you home.”
Myrcella – “This is my home, it has been for years.”
She’s lived in King’s Landing longer… even though Tommen and Myrcella aged years over a couple of seasons, Gilly’s son is still breastfeeding over that same season span, maybe the cold weather keeps people younger?
“You don’t understand, you don’t know me.”
Now what happens with Jaime’s story…I don’t think Doran will let him on his merry way and there’s no way he’ll be able to bring back Myrcella either. I feel like he’ll reunite with one of his siblings again, so either he’ll be sent back to King’s Landing to “save” Cersei or get sent to Meereen to Dany and his brother.

Bronn finishes singing the Dornishman’s Wife, the iron bars may contain his body, but they’ll never contain his beautiful singing voice!
Sand Snake #2 – “Lucky he’s a singer, if he was a fighter we may have been in trouble.”
A lot of smack talk coming from a girl who lost.
Bronn – “It’s against my code to hurt a woman.”
Where did this come from? I miss Bronn of the Blackwaterheart.
Obara – “It’s amazing how many men we beat seem to have this code.”
It explains the Sand Snake’s high self esteem, they only beat men who refuse to fight back.
Bronn – “Dornish women are the most beautiful in the world.”
Dornish women have a reputation of being the sluttiest in Westeros, there’s a certain beauty in that.
boobs in jail...jailbaitTyene – “Thank you.”
The actress is 19…during this scene, she’s jailbait in jail.
Bronn – “I didn’t say you.”
Tyene – “I’m not the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen?”
I appreciate how the other two sisters roll their eyes during this interaction. For some reason this scene made me like the Sand Snakes a little better. I can’t quite put my finger on why though boobs… Tyene seduces Bronn to increase his blood flow and spread the poison. I’ve seen less clever ways this show shoehorns boobs into a scene, I’m not complaining. Two characters had bloody noses this episode and both got lucky. I really hope the “antidote” she gave him wasn’t poison… There’s no reason to kill off Bronn and he’s half the reason I enjoy watching the show.

Littlefinger uses his peephole to spy on 7-pointed star graffiti. He usually sees boobs when he looks through his peephole. He misses seeing boobs. Is there a dead guy over there in the corner? With all the money Littlefinger has he can’t afford to clean up his own establishment?
Queen of Thornes – “You’ve always been rather impressed with yourself haven’t you?”
She hit the nail on the head with that description.does that look like the face of a trustworty person to you? yes
“I promise you lord Baelish, our fates are joined.”
They aren’t on good terms after the Joffrey killing?
“And if I should meet some accident here at this broken flesh market, they’ll never even find what’s left of you.”
Not even his little finger.
Littlefinger – “I have a gift for you.”
I didn’t realize he could give a gift that wasn’t a prostitute.
Queen of Thornes – “What kind of gift?”
Littelfinger – “The same kind I gave Cersei. A handsome young man.”
Meaning his gift to Cersei was Olyvar’s testimony against the Tyrell siblings. Does she know this?

If the fighters do well they’ll have the honor of fighting for their queen next week, but Benoiff and Weiss couldn’t wait that long, so they’ll have that honor now. Tyrion and Jorah aren’t chosen for the first round of fighting because they aren’t good enough to be picked…I know that pain.
The fighting pit doesn’t seem low enough, she’s close enough that blood could fly on her dress. She’s going to want to leave after the first fight isn’t she? Damn it.
Dany – “I think I’ve seen enough.”
She’s not entertained.
Hizdahr – “It’s tradition to stay until the victor has emerged.”
It was also tradition to have slaves fight…

hizrador looks insane here
Did Jorah seriously put on a helmet? Khaleesi won’t immediately love him again? Jorah goes out and knocks out everyone with his fists, like a true bear. This is the kind of dominance I expected from Barristan. Why is Tyrion the only one chained to the wall? No one else was, I guess his buyer wasn’t taking any chances after Tyrion’s impressive performance earlier. Tyrion is in a Saw scenario, where he has to cut off his hand to escape. He could have ended up like his brother Jaime! In the nicest move by a random stranger in the show to date, some random guy saves sets Tyrion free.
Jorah unmasks himself to reveal…Russell Crowe.
Dany – “…Get him out of my sight.”
I honestly thought she’d be happy to see him.
Jorah – “Khaleesi please, I just need a moment of your time. I brought you a gift.”
There have been  two gifts this episode that have been handsome men.
Tyrion – “I am the gift. My name is Tyrion Lannister.”
I’m honestly not sure if she knows who he is. I wonder when Varys is getting in? Dany shouldn’t like either Tyrion or Varys though, what’s Tyrion’s game plan here? “I killed my father and I give good advice.” I’m not sure if that’s enough. I’m glad he’s meeting her so early, by the end of the 5th book Tyrion and Jorah haven’t meet with Dany yet, but this is a plot change/speed up I can get behind.

her words tell one story, but her facial expression tells anotherCersei – “This is horrible, unacceptable.”
She could not be happier.
“Are they feeding you enough at least?”
How will Margaery grow strong without food, water, or sunshine?
Margaery – “I know you did this.”
Everyone knows…except Tommen.
Cersei – “We are making every effort to free you.”
Cersei should just kill Margaery in this cell and say she tripped or something. I bet she’s conceited enough to believe that would work and she’ll get away with it…I mean it worked for Littlefinger.
Margaery – “Lies come easy to you, but decency and concern…you’re not good at those I’m afraid.”
Wine also comes easy to her, but making smart decisions doesn’t. Maybe those are related though.
Cersei – “I’ll visit again when you’ve had a chance to calm down.”
Margaery – “Get out you hateful bitch.”
That’s really all I wanted to hear in this exchange.
Cersei – (I kept up this ruse the whole time! I’m the cleverest person in the world!)

Cersei – “Her accommodations seem sufficient.”
She was lying before?! No way!
“And if one or both of them were to confess before the trial?”
High Sparrow – “Then they will be shown the mother’s mercy.”
That doesn’t sound good to me…Cersei’s a mother and I wouldn’t want her mercy.
She’s still smirking even though he’s practically telling her “I’m going to arrest you right now.”
“The people who built this place didn’t inflict their vanity on people.”
Who were those people you ask? Albert Einstein.
“What will we find when we strip away your finery?”
This isn’t going according to her plan, she’s supposed to be drinking her victory wine right now.
High Sparrow – “Do you know Lancel? Because he knows you.”
Cersei – “You will order her to let me go! I am the queen!”
Because this argument worked so well for Margaery.
“Look at me, look at my face. It’s the last thing you’ll see before you die.”
These are probably her future judges…not the smartest move. Good thing she thought the accommodations were fine, I’m sure she’ll enjoy her stay. If you listen carefully at the end, you can hear Margaery cackling in the neighboring cell.

watching you watching me...get taken away


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