First Half Observations

he loves goooold
Fantasy All Stars (5×5, on-base leagues)

National League
C – Buster Posey, SF – Has 3 titles in 5 years and is putting up solid numbers again. I thought where he was going in the draft was too high, 3rd round, but so far he’s been worth it.
C – Derek Norris, SD – He was the 2nd choice in OAK, because Vogt is amazing, but now he’s 1st in SD. He’s been the consolation prize for fantasy players everywhere who missed out on Vogt.
1B – Paul Goldschmidt, AZ – the #1 rated player on Yahoo! for good reason, maybe people will finally start talking about him in real baseball. I can’t not see him going 1st overall next year.
1B – Anthony Rizzo, CHI – Theo’s poster boy, but for some reason ESPN only seems to mention Kris Bryant. The Cubs made out on that deal, but I’m still hoping for Cashner to put it all together. The SBs have been a pleasant surprise, proving that any smart player with an aggressive manager can get to 20 SBs easily.
1B – Adrian Gonzalez, LAD – I think he had 5 HRs in the first handful of games, he’s tailed off but he still has solid numbers.
2B – Dee Gordon, MIA – He’s such a fun player to watch, except the only times I get to watch him are when he’s playing against the Mets…I’m glad he’s doing well though and I feel like Ichiro has been teaching him the art of the slapstick hit.
2B – Kolten Wong, STL – He’s continuing last years strong finish and playoff run with a solid start to the season. The Cardinals are finally starting to put him near the top of their lineup.
3B – Todd Frazier, CIN – He’s been fantastic this season, how are the Reds still so bad then?!, but despite having 25 HRs he only has 54 RBIs. Is Joey Votto not walking enough in front of him?! How is no one on base when he hits a HR?!
nolan arenado mr roboto3B – Nolan Arenado, COL – Some very strong hitters this year have been 3B and I’m not bitter at all drafting Longoria in most of my leagues…not at all. Arenado is an amazing defender, but it’s a shame he doesn’t attempt to steal more bases, but otherwise this popular sleeper pick has exceeded expectations, and they were Coors Field high going into the season.
SS – Troy Tulowitzki, COL – An off-year for Tulo is still among top SS’s. Remember the golden fantasy years with Nomar, Arod, and Jetes? The catcher position isn’t even this disappointing.
SS – Brandon Crawford, SF – Giants are the Cardinals of the West, put some scrub into the lineup and he magically produces. Going into the season who would have guessed that the Panik/Crawford duo would have been arguably the strongest up the middle.
OF – Bryce Harper, WAS – He stopped running into walls and is having a monster year. This is finally the year he breaks out guys! 4 years of over drafting him has finally paid off!
OF – Giancarlo Stanton, MIA – Tough break for the Miami slugger, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him continue to hit HRs one handed. Seriously, what’s Miami got to lose? 300 million?
OF – Justin Upton, SD – Moving to Petco hasn’t slowed his numbers and I still find it hilarious that BJ got traded to the Padres as well. Did Justin have any say in that trade? I like to think so.
OF – Starling Marte, PIT – The strongest OF this year in the Steel City, but it still wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t get over 20 HRs. Here’s hoping the Pirates manage to steal the pennant from the tyrant Cardinals.
OF – A.J. Pollock, AZ – With great players like Goldschmidt and Pollock I’m surprised Diamondback management hasn’t traded them away yet.
UT – Justin Turner, LAD – Covers all infield positions and hitting surprisingly well. I would still want Guerrero to get more at bats…why isn’t that guy playing more?
mad max scherzer casually tossSP – Max Scherzer, WAS – Mad Max is beyond the Thunder Dome! Top rated pitcher and #2 overall, his moniker fits with how much I loved the Mad Max Fury Road this year. He’s killing it and the ace of a strong Nationals staff and a + hitter to boot.
SP – Zack Grienke, LAD – It’s unfair that the Dodgers have him and Kershaw and he’s pitching better than him.
SP – Jacob deGrom, NYM – After a shaky start he’s been on fire. Met fans dreaming of rotation featuring deGrom, Harvey, Syndergaard, Matz, and Wheeler…so sexy.
SP – Gerrit Cole, PIT – He could have been a Yankee, at least that’s what I’m told every time I turn on the radio and he pitches a good game. I think this kid is going to be good for a long time.
SP – Madison Bumgarner, SF – World Series hero hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down despite massive IPs last year. He already has 75 Wins and he’s only 25.
SP – Shelby Miller, ATL – Cardinals usually don’t lose out on a deal, this could be karma for the Braves after they gave up Wainwright for basically nothing.
RP – Jeurys Familia, NYM – 5-out saves are common sight for Met closer, he’s really stepped up his game this year for a bullpen that’s been decimated with injuries and suspensions.
RP – Trevor Rosenthal, STL – I guess he only needed me to not own him this year to do well.
RP – Mark Melancon, PIT – Overcame a shaky start, Ray Searage makes every pitcher better.
RP – Drew Storen, WAS – Having a great year, I didn’t realize because I don’t pay attention to closers at all.

Others for consideration (get to ASG roster of 34 plus every team has 1 rep) – Yasmani Grandal, C/LAD; Joey Votto, 1B/CIN; D.J. Kris Bryant, 3B/CHI; Jhonny Peralta, SS/STL; Ryan Braun, OF/MLW; Jonathan Papelbon, RP/PHI.

joc pufferfish pederson

NL MVP – 1st Goldschmidt, 2nd Harper, 3rd Scherzer
NL Cy Young – 1st Scherzer, 2nd Grienke, 3rd deGrom
NL Rookie – Joc Pederson, Kris Bryant; Chris Heston, SF gets a no hitter every year.
NL Manager – Mike Matheny, STL; Bruce Bochy, SF; Don Mattingly, LAD

American League
who's the best catcher in the game and has one thumb in frame...this guyC – Stephen Vogt, OAK – 3rd in All Star vote…the All Star game isn’t even in Kansas City, how is their team dominating the voting?! Vogt has been the best fantasy catcher this year.
C – Russell Martin, TOR – Basically the only guy I was really high on going into the year that panned out, thanks Russell!
1B – Miguel Cabrera, DET – Is he still one of the best hitters in the game? Boring, can he start dropping off in production so we can start complaining about his bloated contract?
1B – Prince Fielder, TEX – Big guy like him having a nice rebound year. I’m legitimately happy for him and even though I don’t own him on any of my teams.
1B – Albert Pujols, LAA – The power is back in a big way and he’s been as hot as anyone recently. He’s not done, can we ease off complaining about his bloated contract now?
2B – Jason Kipnis, CLE – Another rebound year guy, but a notoriously slow 2nd half hitter. Let’s see if he can finally keep it going all year before he’s allowed back in the circle of trust.
2B – Brian Dozier, MIN – He doesn’t get any love, he should have been the AL starter last year and didn’t even get to go to game in Minnesota. He has 61 runs and 16 HRs, but he’s not even in the top 5 in this years ASG votes. Omar Infante just has that “It” factor. I love you Brian, I noticed.
3B – Josh Donaldson, TOR – Loving the move to the Rogers Centre, but Beane got Brett Lawrie so totally an even trade… The Blue Jay’s offense is scary good, too bad their pitching I was way too high on going into the year hasn’t mirrored their offensive success, but when on average you score 7 runs a game I guess that doesn’t matter.
3B – Manny Machado, BAL – After dealing with multiple injuries, he’s having his break-out year and yet it feels like no one is really talking about him. He’ll have to start making some Top 10 defensive plays again if he wants to earn my love.
Xan Lannister
SS – Xander Bogaerts, BOS – AL SS’s way down on the fantasy productivity list but the X-man having a decent year for the Sox. I love how the Red Sox are doing so poorly, but Grantland and ESPN continue to rate them so high. The Bill Simons influence runs deep.
SS – Alcides Escobar, KC – Will probably be starting along with seven other Royals. His numbers are so boring that I owned and dropped him half a dozen times this season.
OF – Mike Trout, LAA – Still good at baseball.
OF – Brett Gardner, NYY – Where does all that power come from? He’s a whippersnapper compared to his fellow teammates, but now that he’s officially their best player the media can’t stop talking about A-Rod. His head is still weird.
OF – Nelson Cruz, SEA – His 20 HRs would be +10 anywhere else outside Seattle, and I just lost my bold prediction of him being under 20 HRs.
OF – Lorenzo Cain, KC – One of the few Royals that actually deserves to start in the All Star game, he’s having a great year, but he teased me with his power potential and now he only has 6 dingers.
OF – Jose Bautista, TOR – Still sort of having a disappointing year, but he’s been the heart of that killer lineup. Rooting for a Blue Jay playoff appearance this year.
UT – Brock Holt, BOS – covers all the positions except C and has been one of the stronger hitters in Boston.
SP – Chris Archer, TB – This is why TB always seems to hang in there, their pitching is fantastic even though they lost Cobb and Smyly for the year. They’re like the Mets of the AL, young talented pitchers plagued by injuries and a weak offense.

SP – Dallas Keuchel, HOU – Only behind Archer because of the Ks. I ponied up on the wrong Astro pitcher, curse you McHugh! Still loving the irony of a man named Dallas being a Houston star.
SP – Sonny Gray, OAK – It’s only a matter of time before Billy trades him away for prospects.
SP – Felix Hernandez, SEA – The King slides in 4th, but take away that one disastrous start and he could be leading the pack right now.
SP – Chris Sale, CHW – I think his streak of consecutive games with 10+ Ks is up to a dozen now. The sad part is I know he hasn’t got the win for more than half of those starts too.
SP – David Price, DET – He seems like a talkative man on Twitter. I have no idea how the Twins are ahead of the Tigers right now.
RP – Dellin Betances, NYY – Him and Miller combined for a dominant duo, hopefully Miller returns back okay, but DB Cooper sports 62 Ks in 38 IPs, the closer role is in good hands Mo.
RP – Wade Davis, KC – Even in leagues that don’t count holds he’s been worth…holding on to.
RP – Huston Street, LAA – I can’t remember the last time the Angels had a reliable closer…K-Rod?
RP – Glen Perkins, MIN – And this year’s Minnesota All Star representative is… Glen Perkins! I literally couldn’t be more excited!

Others for consideration (get to ASG roster of 34 plus every team has 1 rep) – Brian McCann, C/NYY; Jose Altuve, 2B/HOU; Carlos Correa, SS/HOU; J.D. Martinez, OF/DET; Alex Rodriguez, DH/NYY; Brad Boxberger, TB/RP.

AL MVP – 1st Trout, 2nd Donaldson, 3rd Archer
AL Cy Young – 1st Archer, 2nd Keuchel, 3rd Gray
AL Rookie – Billy Burns, OAK; Steven Souza, TB; Correa, HOU.
AL Manager – Ned Yost, KC; A.J. Hinch, HOU; Kevin Cash, TB

cardinals evil empire

Team Rankings
1 – Cardinals – NL 50 Wins in 75 games – just…every year.
2 – Royals – best record in the AL, they surprised me.
3 – Astros – what a year for ‘Stros, and the pipeline of prospects keeps coming.
4 – Dodgers – NL West leaders holding off an odd-year challenge from rival Giants.
5 – Nationals – everyone’s consensus top team has overcome its poor start to lead NL East.
6 – Pirates – another slow start out of the gate – far behind Cards but NL WC leader.
7 – Giants – defending champs looking to break their odd-year fall back.
8 – Orioles – AL East co-leaders in up for grabs division.
9 – Rays – so it wasn’t all Joe Maddon after all.
10 – Yankees – only ½ game out with no pitching, but lots of hitting, including the return of A-Rod.
11 – Blue Jays – same as Yanks, no pitching but lots of hitting. The best hitting.
12 – Twins – no one told Paul Molitor that the Twins aren’t this good. Buxton wasn’t ready.
13 – Cubs – NL best pipeline of prospects have Cubs hoping to be the AL Astros.
14 – Mets – all pitching and no hitting, some of their pitchers hit better than their position players
15 – Tigers – fast start but just above .500 now.
16 – Angels – Pujols and Trout and then…others in that lineup.
17 – Rangers – at .500
—————above .500
18 – DBacks – management clean out has been a positive for team but still Dbacks.
19 – Braves – they weren’t supposed to be competitive until 2017 but NL East is weak.
20 – Padres – all those off-season moves haven’t panned out – manager fired but maybe it’s GM.
21 – Reds – hosting the All-Star game…could be many players last moments in Cincinnati.
22 – Mariners – never seem to live up to the expectations. Cano needs to step up his game.
23 – Indians – can’t seem to get out of their own error prone way, great pitching though.
24 – Red Sox – preseason AL East hyped favorite find themselves in the cellar.
25 – Rockies – great hitting and not much else. Cargo and Dickerson disappointing.
26 – Athletics – have rebounded a bit after a poor start.
27 – White Sox – worst record in the AL even with one of the best pitchers.
28 – Marlins – injury to Stanton was a blow, just when Jose Fernandez was set to come back
29 – Brewers – it’s just not their year.
30 – Phillies – worst record in baseball – HOF manger just resigned – can’t get much lower, but they’ll find a way.

may hate the phillies, can't hate the phanatic

Competitive League Deep Waiver Wires (Yahoo ownership under 10%)
C – J.T. Realmuto, MIA (3%) – getting regular playing time.
1B – Logan Morrison, SEA (7%) – also qualifies in the OF – some pop, Rs, RBIs, and even the occasional SB, though not much in AVG.
2B – Stephen Drew, NYY (2%) – HRs but AVG hurts.
3B – Ryan Flaherty, BAL (1%) – Baltimore always seems to get the most out of swiss-army flex guys – qualifies also at 2B/SS – may lose playtime when Schoop returns.
SS – Caesar Hernandez, PHI (8%) – also qualifies at 2B/3B – getting regular playtime with Utley sidelined – qualifies at 3 positions, SBs for days.
OF – Kevin Kiermaier TB, (9%) – quality fielder getting playtime, hitting well, Rs, SBs, AVG.
SP – Tom Koehler, MIA (5%) – Cody Anderson’s perfect game flirtation last time out has pushed his ownership to 10% so we’ll go w workman like Koehler putting up solid #s for the Marlins.
RP – Chasen Shreve, NYY (2%) – Yankee starters don’t seem to go too deep in games so the bullpen sees a lot of action – this lefty offers Ks and Holds.

Prospect Watch – Schwarber, C/CHI; Jose Peraza, 2B/ATL; Corey Seager, SS/LAD; Miguel Sano, 3B/MIN; Jose Berrios, SP/MIN; Aaron Nola, SP/PHI; Luis Severino, SP/NYY; Brian Johnson, SP/BOS.

me called up? me hit dingers now


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