MTV Scream: More Yawns than Screams

Scream MTV simplistic
Is this a good show? No. Is it an entertaining show? Sure, if you watch with someone who frightens easily and don’t take it seriously. The show is set in MTV’s typical drama filled high school, but with a Scream themed slasher thriller backdrop. All the fun and suspense of the movie Scream drawn out over 10 episodes with a modern twist.

The show was surprisingly popular and earned itself a second season halfway through the pilot. Scream was a successful movie because of how meta/self aware the characters were and how they at least tried to subvert typical horror story cliches. Still, I’m pretty surprised how durable the franchise has been, but then again any success with an initial horror movie spawns countless sequels. They’ve made, what like, 6 Paranormal Activity movies? Logically, TV shows were the next step.

The cast consists of actors too old for high school and characters too dumb to pass a high school class. At some point I gave up rooting for them to survive, “Guys, the cops didn’t work that one time, let’s investigate the situation ourselves…Guys there’s a vindictive killer on the loose, let’s split up to search for him with no weapons.” Then again, in a town where even the adult characters are morons they don’t have much of a choice. Three kids die and they don’t cancel school the next day, not once?! Honestly I’m surprised how many characters survived with how foolish they acted. Obviously the main character Emma was going to live, but I wish a couple more of her friends scream_mtvwould “be right back,” you know, I wanted more gruesome murders.

Jake, the dumb jock who’s only role seemed to be a mix of weak comic relief and love interest for the side “slutty” character Brooke. He suspiciously got stabbed offscreen in the heart and lived… that wasn’t explored at all. Kieran, the bad boy that’s really a good boy and love interest to the main character. His reaction to his father’s murder would have seemed appropriate to losing his second cousin’s grandfather he never met. Someone step on his foot for crying out loud, I want to see some pain in those bad boy’s eyes! The actress that played Audrey was only okay because everyone else was dreadful. Hopefully she can step up her game next season with a juicier role. Brooke was funny and showed off her “plots,” cleavage, at every opportunity a cable show could allow, but her character may have earned the blue ribbon at the dumb character parade. She hid in the cramped cooler when the killer came for her?! Of course she’s going to get locked in there! The comic relief virgin Noah had some funny lines, but most of the time the character was just annoying. The mom seemly had a new reveal about her relationship with the former killer Brandon James every episode, “I haven’t been totally honest with you about the killer…here’s new information that could explain why he’s trying to kill you, but I didn’t tell you before because…feelings.” Every week!

I thought for sure the cop would be involved, but as the season went on the killer became almost too obvious. Piper? The reporter that coincidentally came to town at the start of the murdering spree and gained the main characters absolute trust for no reason, yet was also never suspected to be the killer. In the original movie it was the boyfriend, a great twist because the girlfriend always suspected him. He was too obvious to be the killer to most audiences and that made the twist even better. Here though, everyone watching knew and the plot had little substance to keep my attention, even if I watched the show to make me laugh.

What can we expect for Season 2? I don’t know, but if they somehow managed to turn Scream into a franchise then Season 2 might only be the tip of the machete sized iceberg. I’m sure there will be some cousin or deranged mom or psychotic ex-boyfriend that will be written in and connected to all of this, but if the show wants to increase it’s popularity I suggest making the show more absurd and try to get gorier kills. There are still mysteries and storylines to be explored, maybe original killer Brandon James was framed for the murders? Maybe he’s still alive?! Anything is possible in this world. There’s a masked man standing behind you, whatever you do don’t have sex!



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