Game of Thrones Recap: Oathbreaker

ghost was not expecting this

I’m not entirely sure why this episode is called Oathbreaker. It’s the name of Brienne’s sword, but she wasn’t in this episode and I can’t place a single scene where an oath was broken or someone uttered the phrase. Brienne’s sword is Oathkeeper. Is Jon leaving the Night’s Watch what this refers to? Because technically he didn’t break his oath. I can’t spoil too much new information because most of the characters’ storylines have progressed further than their book counterparts. There will be spoilers for this episode though, duh.

Ghost looks like he’s seen a ghost! Jon Snow White awoke without needing his Prince Charming, apparently he’s his own prince. His stab wounds aren’t bleeding, so I’m not entirely sure if he’s a zombie.
Davos – “What do you remember?”
Pain? A sexy redhead giving him a haircut?
Jon – “They stabbed me… Olly, he put a knife in my heart.”
Both figuratively and literally.
“I shouldn’t be here.”
What are things surprisingly said by Jon and not Davos.
Melisandre – “After you died, where did you go? What did you see?”
Is her perception of heaven our perception of hell? Probably.
Jon – “Nothing. There was nothing at all.”
He knew nothing, and his afterlife reflected this.
“I did what I thought was right…and I got murdered for it.”
He truly has Ned Stark’s blood.
tormund and Jon

Tormund – “They think you’re some kind of God. The man who returned from the dead.”
I mean wights are a daily occurrence for these guys right? The man who returned from the dead without blue eyes and going on a murderous rampage…yet.
Jon – “I’m not a God.”
He’s the God.
Tormund – “I know that, I saw your pecker. What God would have a pecker that small?”
Not even the God of Tits and Wine has a pecker that small.
Jon hugs Tormund, a touching moment, but his eyes meet Edd and they have a better hug.
Jon – “Hold off on burning my body for now.”
He’s the opposite of Daenerys, their personalities are like fire and ice…
Edd – “That’s funny…you sure that’s still you in there?”
As long as he still has those flowing locks of hair, does it really matter?

On a boat during a storm Gilly enjoys herself while Samwell is not well. The Citadel does not admit women and Sam will cast away Gilly and little Sam to his parents. Sam’s father sam looking at samisn’t the nicest man, he threaten to kill Sam, but his mother is kind woman. I’m not sure what they’ll do with Gilly’s storyline honestly, maybe she’ll go the way of Gendry.
Gilly – “Wherever you go, I go too. That’s what you said.”
He would have said anything to get in her pants.
“I’d never storm off to the father of my son.”
Sweet sentiment, but, uh, that kid’s father is her father. And she ran away from him.

Now for the scene that I, and many others, have been looking forward to since Season 1.
The Kingsguard’s sword needs a whetstone like Tyrion’s mind needs a book, Season 1 reference! I always imagined Ned and his men fighting against the Kingsguard on horseback, but that doesn’t happen here.
Three Eyed Raven – “That man besides him is Howland Reed.”
Howland Reed doesn’t have any significant features besides his shaggy hair, it was taxing to track him during this battle during my first watch through.
Ser Arthuer Dayne, the Sword of the Morning and best swordsman in this universe. Dawn, his milky white blade made of space rock, is prominently shown before the fight, but he will fight with two swords… it’s not the worst deviation.

i wondered if that sword is dawn...then it dawned on me
Young Ned – “I looked for you on the Trident.”
How many times did he practice this line? Both the actor and Young Ned before arriving.
Hightower – “Your friend the usurper would lie beneath the ground if we had been.”
It seems like Rhaegar mishandled his assets then, maybe bring your best fighters to the most crucial battle in the war. It’s almost like he knew he was going to lose.
Young Ned – “The Mad King is dead, Rhaegar lies beneath the ground. Why weren’t you there to protect your prince?”
Dayne – “Our prince wanted us here.”
They promised their prince to protect another.
Ned – “Where’s my sister.”
You think they’d let Ned see his sister. Obviously Ned wouldn’t harm his own sister. The battle seems unnecessary, but it is pretty badass.
Dayne – “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.”
Doesn’t he mean oathbreaker?
“And now it begins.”
What begins? The wars to come?
Ned – “No, now it ends.”
And now we’ve officially seen more than what’s in the book. Minus 1 Kingsguard and 1 Northman is the only notable difference I haven’t mentioned already.

tower of joy...and sadness

Howland Reed goes down first, he wasn’t wearing chainmail or armor or even shoes. Ned fights Dayne, stumbles away from him, and somehow kills the other Kingsguard. That was a little confusing. They never mention the other Kingsguard’s name, but I’d assume it’s Gerold Hightower. He managed to take out one of Ned’s men before he whent. The 4 vs 1 battle showed off how much of a badass Dayne is, but I have a suspicion the director could only direct choreography for a 4 vs 1 dual wielding knight because that’s the only reason I can think of for Dayne using 2 swords.

The battle also could have been a little less confusing if all the knights didn’t all look similar to Young Ned. Maybe bring some archers? Spearmen? Turban dude was just the director trying add a distinct fighter, but what guy from the North wears a turban?! I had some very high expectations for this scene and after watching it a couple of times, I came away impressed. The fighting scenes in this show have generally disappointed me, the Viper vs the Mountain, all the Sand Snake fights, but this was well done.

Ned’s probably thinking after it dwindles from 4 vs 1 to 1 vs 1 “winter is coming.”
Bran – “He’s better than my father.”
But is he more honorable?
Three Eyed Raven – “Far better.”
I wonder how many times he’s watched this fight?
Before Dayne can win, Howland Reed stabs Dayne in the back, looks like fighters without armor win again! Add Reed to the board with Ramsay and that one Dothraki dude for armorless victories!

meera is the twin sister of Jon Snow!.png
Bran snaps back to reality, oh there goes gravity, that’s why he’s lying on the floor…
Bran – “Why would I want to return? So I can be a cripple again? So I can talk to an old man in a tree?”
He can also hit on Meera. That’s always fun.
Three Eyed Raven – “You think I wanted to sit here for a 1000 years watching the world from a distance?”
For a 1000 year old man, he sure looks great compared to Melissandre. I was pretty surprised to hear he was a 1000, maybe he’s not Bloodraven, because that seems too old.
Bran – “So why would you?”
It’s better than dying? He could watch some pretty cool stuff.
Three Eyed Raven – “I was waiting for you.”
Their relationship reminds me of the Giver.

shit you remember that? embarassing

I just realized that all Dothraki women walk while all the men ride horses…it seems unfair. Daenerys gets to live in the best hut in all of Vaes Dothrak. A woman is heating up a branding iron, but it’s apparently a case of poor timing as they do not brand women that come here…why would Dany even be scared though? I thought fire could not hurt the dragon. These women don’t look that old honestly, I can only conclude there must have been a lot of shit Khals. What exactly are the qualifications for being a Khal anyway? They rip off her clothes, but we still don’t see her naked… These women must wear matching uniforms because…

I found Vary’s interrogation insightful into his character, but a little misleading. Remember when he tortured the sorcerer that chopped off his banana and nuts every day and trapped him in a box? I still don’t trust him or believe he’s this “nice.”
Varys – “I am not a torturer. My job is to find the right answers.”
That’s what all the torturers say though!
“A new life for you and your son or…”
Not a new life? If he’s not going to torture her, why would she accept the deal?

i hate this guy, greyworm's thoughts

Tyrion – “You two spend a great deal of time together, what would you talk about if I weren’t here?”
How can a man without a cock still love? Is Missandei still thinking about that?
“A wise man once said that the true history of the world is the history of the great conversations in elegant rooms.”
This wise man isn’t too strong with sentence structure. It still sounds confusing to me.
Missandei – “Who said this?”
Tyrion – “Me, just now.”
Missandei – (Can’t wait to talk about this smug jerk with Greyworm tomorrow.)
Apparently Missandei’s former master made her and the other girls play games with each other… I’m sure the Three Eyed Raven has watched that a couple times.
Varys reveals that the other cities are helping the Sons of the Harpy. Wow, great job Varys. I could have figured that out myself.

Apparently gathering a vast effective spy network is as easy as giving candy to a baby. In the books I’m pretty sure Vary’s cuts out their tongues, but this is much sweeter.
Little Bird – “Will Master Varys ever come back?”
Hopefully he brings Dany.
Qyburn – “All I need in return, are whispers.”
What about the kids that grow up? What happens to them?! Taking candy from creepy adults, surprisingly safe in this universe.
“No need to worry, this is Ser Gregor.”
So…they’re not even trying to hide that he’s the undead Mountain then?
Cersei’s agenda
1. Trial by combat using the undead Mountain as her champion.
2. She wants little birds everywhere to hear all the whispers.
The second one seems realistic…there are kids wanting candy all over the world. I’m not enjoying Jaime and Cersei basically having the same story arc.

the twins and the mountain, people.png

Jaime – “The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard does have a seat on the small council.”
Barristan the Bold did in the books during Robert’s rule, but they cut down his role in the show and didn’t include him on the small council.
Jamie – “What about Myrcella’s death uncle? The same women that killed Myrcella have overthrown house Martell and overtaken Dorne.”
How did that news spread? They killed the messenger.
“We have a lot to discuss, all of us, together.”
Teamwork! The Lannister way.
Kevan – “You cannot make us stay. Not unless you’re going to have that thing murder us.”
I’m a little surprised this didn’t happen.

King Tommen – “I want you to let my mother see Myrcella’s final resting place.”
It seems like a very reasonable request, but this shaggy haired barefoot priest has some massive balls.
High Sparrow – “The crown and the faith are the two pillars of the world? You know who told me that? Your mother.”
I think that’s the closest to a “your momma joke” we’re going to get.
High Sparrow – “There’s a great deal of falsehood in Cersei, you know that.”
He doesn’t think too highly of her or Tommen and I didn’t really care for this scene.

yoga for no one.png

Arya is back at the House of Black and White and we’re gonna have a montage!
The Waif – “Tell me about Arya Stark.”
No One – “She had one sister and four brothers.”
It’s not like Rickon counts!
She sees Jon as her brother. That’s not a lie!
She also has to make some sort of potion or spice mixture whilst blind. I don’t think her eyesight would have helped her here as all the powders look the same.
Loses all the stick battles.
Why are they even fighting with sticks? Do the Faceless Men even use these on the job?
The Waif – “Tell me about the Hound.”
No one – “Arya Stark had left him to die, he was on her list.”
blind but not downNo one – “He was not on my list anymore.”
Woah, this no one is Arya Stark? Be careful about your pronouns girl.
The Waif – “Why, didn’t she want him dead any longer?”
He was actually pretty cool, despite his burn marks.
Arya – “She did and she did not.”
They bonded…leaving him to die slowly was his reward.
The Waif – “Who else was on your list?”
No One – “Cersei Lannister, Walder Frey, and Gregor Clegane.”
Can she still kill Undead Gregor Clegane? Would that count?
The Waif – “You sure you’re not forgetting someone?”
Maybe if a girl knew the Waif’s name.
Arya is finally able to fight eye to eye with The Waif. She drinks out of the fountain of death, but instead of dying she regains her eyesight.

Ramsay – “The Umbers are a famously loyal house. Famously loyal to the Starks.”
The Greatjon was one of my favorite characters all the way back in Season 1. This guy appears to be…his son? Brother?
Smalljon – “And you Lord Karstark? Your people share blood with the Starks don’t they? But here we are, times change.”
Times do change, just look at all the Stark kids. Puberty has morphed them all.
Ramsay – “When my father became warden of the north, your house refused to pledge their banners.”
Smalljon – “Your father was a cunt. And that’s why you killed him.”
Glad no one fell for that nonsense poison excuse, I like this Umber.
Smalljon – “The bastard Jon Snow led an army of wildlings past the wall. We’re farther north than any of you fuckers. We need to help each other.”
Not liking this Umber too much now…is this guy trying to tell me he’s not a fan of Ned Stark’s bastard? Stark?!

umber son and bolton son and karstark son.png
Ramsay – “You think a Horde of wildlings can take Winterfell?”
Only 20 good men can do that.
Smalljon – “If they have Jon Snow maybe, he knows this place better than we ever will.”
Why would he care if Jon takes Winterfell though? So North men still haven’t learned that talking could probably prevent bloodshed?
Now here’s where things get interesting, the Smalljon doesn’t pledge any loyalty to Ramsay so there’s some hope, some small hope, that this is all a ruse.
Ramsay – “Why would I trust a man that won’t honor tradition?”
Why would anyone trust Ramsay?
Smalljon – “Fuck kneeling, and fuck oaths. I got a gift for you.”
Ironically, they live right by the Gift.
Ramsay – “A girl I hope. I prefer redheads.”
Every northern bastard like redheads.

rickon stark? who is that.png
OSHA AND RICKON STARK? He still doesn’t have any speaking lines.
Ramsay – “Who’s this?”
Hahahaha. If Osha wasn’t with him I wouldn’t know either.
Shaggydog is apparently dead… Now we only have 3 direwolves left! Summer, Ghost, and Nymeria. Please let this be a decoy wolf head…but I don’t have high hopes.

Edd – “It’s time.”
To fetch that block?
Jon’s going to hang the people that stabbed him, but I could have sworn that there were more than just these four.
Jon – “If you have any last words, now is the time.”
They didn’t give Jon this courtesy when they executed him.
Bowen Marsh – “You shouldn’t be alive. It’s not right.”
Jon – “Neither was killing me.”
Roasted alive before facing the gallows, clearly Mel passed some of her into him.
Yarwick – “My mother, can you write her? Tell her I died fighting the wildlings.”
Jon doesn’t respond. He’s as cold blooded as the Knight King.

never realized how tall alliser was.png
Alliser – “I had a choice, Lord Commander. Betray you or betray the Night’s Watch. You brought an army of wildlings into our lands. An army of murderers and rapers.”
And the Night’s Watch consists of what sort of people exactly? At least they weren’t ninth born sons.
Alliser – “If I had to do it all again, knowing where I’d end up. I pray I’d make the right choice again.”
Maybe stab harder next time, aim for the head.
Jon – “I’m sure you would Ser Alliser.”
Alliser – “I fought, I lost, now I rest. But you, Lord Snow, you’ll be fighting their battles forever.”
Is Jon immortal now? Forever?!
I’m really not sure if Olly had any speaking lines this season. Him and Rickon are tied!
Jon gives Edd his black cloak, but I thought every brother had those. Is this the commander’s cloak?
Edd – “You should burn the bodies.”
Why wasn’t this Plan A?
Jon – “You should.”
He’s finally using those perks of being the Lord Commander.
Edd – “What do you want me to do with this?”
Jon – “Wear it, burn it, whatever you want, you have Castle Black.”
Dry clean it? Is Edd really going to be the new Lord Commander? They don’t vote again?
Jon – “My watch has ended.”
And he just walks out like a champ! And it won’t be awkward tomorrow or anything.

you can't be serious...Jon? Jon?.png


2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap: Oathbreaker

  1. Brienne’s sword is called the Oathkeeper not breaker. Jon put an end to his oath to the Night’s Watch, although he did not break it. The Umbers were suppose to be loyal to the Starks. And the hanged crows broke their oaths to the Night’s Watch when they killed the Lord Commander, now they pay for it. There is no way of knowing what the title refers to, but those are my guesses.

    • Oh wow, I can’t believe I didn’t realize, of course Brienne’s sword is Oathkeeper and not oath breaker! Yikes, terrible oversight. I don’t think the Umbers broke any oaths, remember they never swore fealty to Ramsay or his father, but I guess they did swear an oath to Robb and I’m sure they swore something to Ned, betraying Rickon would be breaking that oath of loyalty. I guess I was looking for a singular oathbreaker, or a more blatant scene, so I dismissed the Umbers and the Night’s Watch traitors outright because that was a group decision. I do believe it’s referring to Jon, although there’s no way to be sure, I think that’s who they had in mind when naming the episode. I also don’t think he technically broke his oath, but whatever. Thanks for commenting!

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