Game of Thrones Recap: Blood of my Blood

meera's reaction to Benjen was basically mine too

This episode is called blood of my blood most likely because there were lot of family related storylines, Sam meeting his family again and the entire King’s Landing storyline involved family confrontations. I can’t spoil too much new information because most of the characters’ storylines have progressed further than their book counterparts. There will be spoilers for this episode though, duh.

Meera struggles to pull Bran through the forest, a direwolf would have really come in handy here, as Bran downloads the past couple seasons and some spoilers. Honestly I’m impressed she pulled him this far before the wights caught up to them. Before all hope is lost however, a mystery knight, who’s 100% Benjen, comes to their rescue with a fire chain mace and basically takes out 10 wights easily. I’m surprised a bunch of Night’s Watch brothers don’t come out and stab Bran, this is not a drill, Benjen is back.


Gilly – “You’re nervous, you’re a nervous talker.”
But he’s nervous all the time.
Sam – “I didn’t think I’d ever come back here after my father made me renounce my title and…threaten to kill me if I didn’t.”
According to the books, I didn’t think he’d return home either.
Sam wants to pass off this blue eyed blonde baby as his own…this universe really doesn’t understand the concept of Punnett squares.
Gilly – “What did you tell your family about me?”
That she’s proof he had sex. He would have bragged to his friends, but his options are limited.
Sam – “I told them you were from the North…My father doesn’t like wildlings.”
He must dislike wildlings because of all his experience with them…
Horn Hill looks more grandiose than I imagined, it honestly looks better than Winterfell. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t add it to the intro animation. Sam’s mom and sister greet them at the entrance. The lady of Horn Hill looks stunning for her age and lives up to her namesake for all who meet her.

manipulation 303

Tommen and the High Sparrow speak about Margaery’s walk and the Sparrow allows Tommen to see her. Margaery seems to be in very high spirits despite being locked in the Baelor…I hope the High Sparrow’s shoe hangover story didn’t actually persuade her.
Margaery – “I’ve had lots of time to think about how good I was at seeming good.”
Good for you?
Tommen – “I don’t understand.”
That’s his reaction for most situations.
Margaery – “I love my brother, I will always love my brother. He just needs to atone for his sins.”
His sin of not having an interesting on screen story line.
“The Gods have a plan for us all.”
But not today.

Sam decides to remain in his Night’s Watch outfit to dinner, but Gilly puts on a dress, and not midnight blue or silver like his sister initially suggested.
Randyll Tarly looks about as fun as Tywin Lannister, but whereas Tywin was introduced skinning a deer, Randyll is eating one.

angry dad, legit photoshop.jpg
Gilly doesn’t know how to use the silverware, it’s adorable.
Sam – “North of the wall, you don’t hunt, you don’t eat.”
Clearly Sam’s the best hunter then.
Dickon – “Mostly deer? Or is there elk as well?”
Mostly zombies actually.
Sam – “Rabbits.”
Rabbits must have a ton of calories. There’s not much big game up that far.
Mrs. Tarly – “Samwell would you like more bread?”
For me, the answer is always yes.
Randyll – “Not fat enough already?”
Bread doesn’t make people fat, only glutton.
“I thought the Night’s Watch would make a man out of you, but you managed to stay soft and fat.”
He should have sent him to the Mulan universe.
“Your nose buried in books, spending your life reading about the achievements of better men.”
They write about shitty people too.
“I’d wager you still can’t sit a horse. Or wield a sword.”
Not only can he sit a horse, he can eat a horse too.
Gilly – “He can wield a sword. He killed a Thenn. He killed a White Walker.”
Technically he killed the White Walker with a dagger.
Dickon – “There’s no such thing.”
I can’t wait until the Night King invades Westeros, just to shut these guys up.

sam and his dad.jpg
Gilly – “I saw it on our way down to Castle Black. He’s a greater warrior than either of you will ever be.”
Yeah, but being the better hunter is the real important thing.
Randyll – “Seven Kingdoms have waged war against these savages and now I’m hosting one in my hall, thanks to my son.”
I think Sam deserves some bread for his good deed.
“You see that sword, it’s called Heartsbane. If he were to become Lord Tarly of Horn Hill it would be the end of this house.”
No, that would be the beginning of this house.
“I took you for a Molestown whore when I first saw you and I made my peace with that, but I overestimated him. No it was a wildling whore that seduced my son. Is this you getting back at me boy?”
I’d be more impressed honestly. Wildlings > molestown whore. Heck, for the last 2 seasons the wildling basketball team has trounced the molestown team…by default, but still.
Randyll – “He dishonors us.”
Yeah, that jerk turned down their bread.
Mrs. Tarly – “You dishonor yourself.”
Is her first name DJ Khaled?
Randyll begrudgingly promises to watch over Gilly and the bastard, but Sam will never be welcome home again…can Sam pack that bread to go?

gilly alone...for 10 seconds.png

Sam – “I was afraid he’d turn you and Little Sam away.”
I’m honestly surprised he didn’t.
Gilly – “I’m angry horrible people can treat good people that way and get away with it.”
Maybe living above the Wall wasn’t so bad if she didn’t realize this. Then again, it’s not like her dad was the nicest person.
After a tearful kiss goodbye Sam leaves…only to return 10 seconds later.
Sam – “We’re leaving, get your things.”
Like her baby and…her old clothes?
Gilly – “I don’t have any things.”
At first I thought I made a grammatical error here, wouldn’t be the first time, but she actually says this.
Sam – “We belong together, all of us.”
Neat…but the Citadel still doesn’t allow wives or women or children so…
Sam decides to steal his family sword…does he want to be hunted by his dad?
Gilly – “Won’t he come for it then?”
Sam – “He can bloody well try.”
He’ll bloody well succeed, the Citadel ain’t a safe zone.

sam stealing the sword

Is this play like one long play and we see bits and pieces or is it broken up into parts over a couple days? Arya chuckles at Joffrey’s death, but is impressed with Lady Crane’s portrayal of Cersei. Arya poisons her rum during the credits, but before she can leave Lady Crane recognizes her.
Lady Crane – “How many times have you seen this stupid play.”
How many times have I read these stupid fantasy books…
Arya – “Three times.”
Way more than that.
Lady Crane – “Did you pay?”
HBO talking directly to their viewers here. Sorry Australia.
“My final speech is shit. But to be fair to myself, the writing’s no good.”
She’s talking directly to the writers of the show here.
Arya – “So change it?”
It’s as easy as changing a face.
Lady Crane – “How would you change it?”
Arya – “The queen loves her son, she wouldn’t just…cry. She would be angry, she would want to kill the person who did this to her.”
And kill everyone that ever makes her angry.

crane and arya

Play Director – “Who is anyone to judge my work? You have no right to an opinion.”
Talking directly to us viewers here. Actual quote from Benioff and Weiss.
Arya slaps away Lady Crane’s poisoned drink, that she poisoned. She almost didn’t make it either.
Arya – “Careful of that one, she wants you dead.”
She’s pointing directly at George RR here.
Arya retrieves Needle from her rock haystack, it’s time to go home.

Jaqen – “And?”
Then? And then and then and then.
The Waif – “As I expected.”
Jaqen – “Shame, a girl had many gifts.”
Christmas has come early this year, go back home Arya!
The Waif – “You promised me.”
The Waif is Lyanna and Jaqen is confirmed as Ned!
Jaqen – “Don’t let her suffer.”
Poison her drink or something, do not, say, stab her in the belly repeatedly.

mace and his feather cap.png

Mace – “The hour has come, madness has over taken this city and grasps in it’s claws, my children! But now we must grab it back under the rocks whence it’s came. Madness has had it’s day!”
I actually thought this was a pretty solid speech.
High Sparrow – “She turned a blind eye to her brother’s sins, now she must walk naked.”
And unlike her sin, we will be doing the exact opposite; clear eyes, full hearts, let’s do this.
Jaime – “Sorry to interrupt, we are here for Queen Margaery and Loras Tyrell.”
Maybe do this after the walk…
High Sparrow – “I don’t have the authority to give them to you, and you don’t have the authority to take them.”
Authority lies where people believe it resides…but Jamie’s army should have authority.
Jaime – “I speak for King Tommen of House Baratheon, first of his name.”
If Tommen was accused of Loras’ sin his nickname would be In-to-mmen.
High Sparrow – “To die in the service of the Gods is a great honor, but there is no call for it today.”
What do we say to the God of Death? It was an honor to serve you but there is no call for us to die in your name today!
“There will be no walk of atonement.”
All signs were pointing to no walk, but I still had faith.
“Queen Margaery has already atoned for her sins by bringing another into the true light of the Seven.”
Somehow Jamie didn’t know his king and own son joined forces with the faith. All the other Kingsguard seemed to have been informed however.
“A new age of harmony, a holy alliance between the crown and the faith.”
The High Sparrow’s plan was to reduce the power of the king, and then recruit him. Well it worked, now he just has to build him up again.
Mace – “What’s happening?”
He’s speaking directly for the horny commoners that came for boobies.
Queen of Thorns – “He’s beaten us, that’s what’s happening.”

jaime is surprised.pngJamie boldly strips his armor in front of the king.
Tommen – “When you attack the faith, you attack the crown.”
Technically he only threatened to attack the crown. Also no punishments were given out to Mace or the Tyrell army.
“Anyone who attacks the crown is unfit to be a member of the Kingsguard.”
I mean he has let 3 kings and one princess die under his watch…
Jaime – “You don’t have to do this, you don’t have to do anything.”
This is what he wants Tommen to do.
Tommen – “I have to answer for the Gods.”
Did the Gods tell Tommen to do this?
Jaime – “Not when you’re sitting in that chair.”
Does he mean that throne?
Tommen – “The crown’s decision in this matter is final.”
At least Jamie can have an interesting storyline again!

walder finch and mrs norris.png

Walder Frey – “You…lost it?”
Frey Son – “Yes father.”
Walder Frey – “It’s a castle, not a bloody sheep. Presumably you still know where it is?”
I’m not surprised they lost a castle when they lost control at their last wedding too.
Frey Son – “He surprised us, he knows that castle better than anyone.”
One old man surprised them and took back the entire castle…
Walder Frey – “Riverrun is ours, take it back.”
Are the Freys going to upgrade sigils as well? Now that they’re the head house in the Riverlands, are they going to keep their older seat of power or change it now that they have Riverrun?
Frey Son – “We don’t have the men.”
Walder Frey – “We got 10 times as many men as the goddamn Blackfish.”
Most of the men being directly related to Walder himself.
“They’re laughing at us, all across the Riverlands. I HEAR IT IN MY SLEEP.”
I’m guessing he’s not a fan of comedy roasts then?
Walder Frey, the first of his name, but with at least 10 Walder Freys named in his honor, a term he’s never learned the definition of.
If Walder Frey had a similar set up to Craster, the White Walkers would have invaded Westeros by now.
Walder Frey’s greatest wish is to be respected, and the realm’s greatest wish for Walder Frey is a vasectomy.
Frey Son – “He’ll never yield father.”
Then kill him? Isn’t that what usually happens in those scenarios?
Walder Frey – “Oh he’ll yield.”
They have Edmure as a hostage, he’s been in a cell for 2 seasons, hanging out with Osha.

i hate candles, make brightness adjustments harder.png

Jaime – “I’m being sent to deal with the Blackfish.”
He’s returning to his book plotline!
Cersei – “Better you’re elsewhere with an army than in the Septa dungeons.”
It’s not like having an army helped him with the High Sparrow.
Jamie – “I’m not going to the Riverlands. I’m going to give Bronn the largest bag of gold the world has ever seen and I’ll remove the High Sparrow’s head and every other sparrow head.”
Honestly though, how much have they paid Bronn? So far the Lannisters have promised him 2 castles, a marriage, and all the gold he could ever ask for, but he’s still working…
Cersei – “You can’t.”
They don’t have the money.
Jaime – “He stole our son. He tore our family apart.”
Because this was such a loving and functional family before this all happened.
Cersei – “We should treat them without mercy and we will; but if you kill the High Sparrow you won’t leave the sept alive.”
At the very least he may lose another hand.
Cersei – “Take that stupid little castle back because you can.”
Walder Frey and Cersei Lannister gave the same command, but at least Walder didn’t start making out with his family.
Jamie – “You’ll stand trial soon, I need to be here for you.”
He can let her escape if her champion loses.
Cersei – “It’ll be a trial by combat, I have the man too.”
The Mountain is 1-0 in his show battles. look good.png

Bran – “Why did you help us?”
Yes, why now and not during a certain door holding scene?
Bran – “Uncle Benjen…”
He prefers to go by Coldhands now, he’s going through his midlife crisis.
Benjen – “A White Walker stabbed me in the gut with a sword of ice. I began to die, to turn, the children found me and stopped the Walkers’ magic from taking hold.”
And how did they find him then? The 3 Eyed Raven couldn’t save him before death?
Bran – “How?”
Benjen – “The same way they made the Walkers in the first place.”
Did they stab multiple guys in the heart? I thought it was just one guy and then he turned the rest.
Bran – “Dragonglass. A shard plunged in your heart.”
At this point I’d try stabbing myself in the heart with dragonglass, who knows, it could give me super powers. Heck Bran may be able to walk again.
Benjen – “You must learn to control it before the Night King comes.”
I mean…he already came right? And control what? I want answers Benjen! 6 seasons worth!
Bran drinks a bloody mary with rabbit’s blood. No hesitation. Is he a vampire?
Benjen – “One way or another he will wander into the world of men, and you will be there waiting for him.”
Presumably sitting.

daenerys sitting.png

Daenerys – “How many days till Meereen?”
Women, always asking for directions.
Daario – “A week at best.”
Littlefinger would be there in one cut scene.
Daenerys – “How may ships will I need to bring my Khalasar to Westeros?”
Just one really BIG ship.
Daario – “A thousand ships easily.”
An impossible number.
Daenerys – “And who has that many?”
Daario – “Nobody.”
Literally everyone that wants to help her.
Daario – “What will you do when you arrive in Westeros?”
Daenerys – “I will take what is mine.”
Sounds like she hasn’t thought this through.
“Wait here.”
And we never see that white horse again.

Drogon swoops in and…when did he start listening to her? She gives a rousing speech.
Daenerys – “Every Khal who ever lived chose three blood riders, but I am not a Khal! I will not choose 3 blood riders, I will choose you all!”
First off, there’s no way her entire khalasar heard her and more than half are still catching up . Second, she’s like the parent that says they don’t have a favorite, but they totally do.
Daenerys – “Will you ride the the wooden horse across the black sea with me?!”
She’s talking down to them. She means a boat.
“Will you kill my enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses!”
Some houses are made with wood and straw too, they’ll just blow those down though.
“Will you give me the Seven Kingdoms?!”
Does she mean take?
“Are you with me?!”
“Now and always?!”
A pretty terrible ending. Obviously they are with her.

she finally earned that final pokemon badge


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