Manga Power Rankings

Although it’s a little embarrassing to admit, I love manga and have probably read around 100 different series. Typically I enjoy manga featured in Shonen Jump, a weekly Japanese collaborative comic featuring one chapter from numerous ongoing manga. Usually the target demographic consists of high school students, but I started when I was in high school so I promise it’s not too weird to be older and still remain a fan!

Typically I enjoyed the battle manga genre the most, which probably has something to do with Dragon Ball Z being one of my favorite television show/anime growing up. Even with anime gaining popularity, reading manga has always been my preferred guilty pleasure because it’s quicker to binge and I enjoy reading more than watching. The online translations aren’t the best, especially some of the older chapters, as it’s usually illegally obtained ahead of the official Japanese release and legally the good translations don’t stay online for long.

I originally started writing this wanting to post my top 10 favorite manga, but I couldn’t decide a definitive 10th and figured I have an in with the editor so I could write an extra blurb about my 11th favorite. I tended to skew manga that have already been completed higher than the ones currently still in progress. There are many manga that I am currently reading that I enjoy immensely, but because they are still in progress and could decline in quality I can’t accurately rate them at this time. While I will continue to read new¬†manga and could see this list changing, it’s a pretty concrete for me.
I read this manga when I was in high school and it holds a special place in my heart as it had one of the best premises, unfortunately, it never reached its full potential. Imagine a world where a magic school akin to Hogwarts existed in Japan, but you didn’t get accepted! Then through an impossibly convenient set of circumstances, accidentally break into the school and get accepted on a technicality, when in actuality, you can’t use magic at all! The ruse of being incapable of using magic, but his fellow students viewing the protagonist as a genius, spawned many humorous situations that forced the protagonist to overcome magical obstacles with cleverness and brute strength. It could have been so much better, but the universe wasn’t thought out and the author wrote himself into a corner with the amount of restrictions he placed on the story early on. I think it’s safe to assume there wasn’t a definite ending in mind when the author started and Mx0 devolved into a boring high school romance manga with some magic dashed in. There were some really enjoyable moments and arcs, but in the end I can understand why the manga was canceled before being able to tell it’s full story. I enjoyed the main character despite his bland motivations and overall similar character traits to other other Shonen protagonists. It’s not a genre I usually read, but it’s one I enjoyed and wonder what it could have been if handled a little better.

Art: B-
Story: C+
Characters: B-
Humor: B
Nostalgia Factor: A

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