Legend of Korra: Series Finale Review

lokka end 4The Legend of Korra was legen– wait for it– dary! I’ve been holding that pun back all season. This series always had strong finales and this being the last one was no different. While writing this review every other sentence included “I like,” it’s tough writing a review when I only have positive things to say, it gets a tad redundant.

I never thought Legend of Korra would come close to eliciting the emotions I felt during The Last Airbender, but I was wrong. Dead wrong. It took longer for me to fall in love with the characters, but the strong final 2 seasons got me there. I’m less upset about the show ending than I thought I would be because every character had an ending that I was satisfied with. The only thing that bugged me was that Team Avatar didn’t really have a true reunion or send off in the end. As much as I love the Korrasami ending I feel like they emphasized that relationship over the rest of Korra’s friendships. The cast is adorable, did you see this video? The whole gang deserved to finish the series together. Otherwise I loved everything about this episode. 

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Legend of Korra: Kuvira’s Gambit

This is the last episode before the series finale… I think every soldier in Kuvira’s army has the same weird haircut and it sort of freaks me out. I’m not sure what the standard female haircut would be because Kuvira may be the only female in her army. Kuvira insists that the 2 of them will get married after the war is over, but I don’t notice an engagement ring on her finger. I think she loves Baatar Jr., but she loves winning more, and takes advantage of Baatar Jr.’s love for her. Maybe I’m just a helpless romantic, but I hope they really do get married after the war is over.
haircut men
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Legend of Korra: Operation Beifong

weapon go booom

My procrastination has gotten so bad that the next Legend of Korra episode has already come out before I posted this review. My writing process is me watching the episode and writing down my thoughts, then going back and editing it later. I handle this show differently than Game of Thrones and Flash by trying to review the episode more than recaping it. I wrote and edited things before I saw the new episode and now things are a little redundant. I’ll use parentheses when interjecting with my future voice and I’ll leave everything else untouched. Hopefully this won’t be too confusing and I’ll get back to schedule before the finale.
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Legend of Korra: Beyond the Wilds

bolin back reactions

I think Napoleon Dynamite airbender was given this tour guide role because he failed at everything else. He has a very supportive and positive mother, but wow, the rest of the tour group consists of dimwits…most people in tour groups are pretty dull.  Even Napoleon Dynamite knew not to poke the dangerous vine with a stick.

Spirit vine logic, attack innocent people in Republic City instead of the guilty people cutting them down in the swamp. After re-watching the episode I noticed during Korra’s vine trance that sprit vines do attack mecha suits, but aren’t strong enough to stop them. Spirit vine logic 2, if you can’t beat the bully, just pick a weaker opponent.
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Legend of Korra: Remembrances

evil phone guys
Here are better and more informed pieces about the clip show we got instead of an actual episode. I wish they could have received a bigger budget, but maybe I just wish they weren’t on Nick. This was the same team that came up with unique idea of the Ember Island players instead of a clip episode, I know they could have done something amazing. I can’t believe how incompetent Nick can be, but they continue to prove me wrong. I’ll keep this one short for readers, I didn’t hate this episode,
“It’s just a mover, don’t overthink it, it’s just a ride.” The rebel says this to a frustrated Bolin after Varrick’s story, and I think we can learn a lot from this line. Let’s not get mad too mad at Nick’s colossus mishandling of LoK, let’s just enjoy LoK while we can…and never watch anything on Nick again.
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Legend of Korra: Reunion

naga hug

How can this episode be titled “Reunion” if Bolin doesn’t reunite with Korra as well? Blasphemy! Naga reuniting with Korra, even though he’s seen her more recently than most of the characters, was the cutest reunion we’ve gotten so far. It’s great to see Bumi again, but what was he doing all this time and why is he free now? Whatever he was doing he lost a ton of weight, good for him. I wonder if we’ll ever see any more characters get airbending tattoos. Together Opal and Jinora could make a tornado strong enough to stop the largest army in the world, just what does it take to get these tattoos?
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Legend of Korra Review: Battle at Zaofu

surprise fail
Suyin’s surprise attack doesn’t work at all, surprising no one but Suyin herself. She believes most of the army is only in service to Kuvira out of fear, but I’m not so sure. Every soldier so far seems to love her, but all of her opponents seem to hate her. Say what you want about Kuvria, but she’s kind to the people who do what she wants. Also Suyin doesn’t seem like the best judge of character.

I would have loved to see a fair fight between Suyin and Kuvira, instead they’re disposed of off-screen. I guess we already had a fight between 2 metal benders last season, but I’m always a fan of more bending fights.
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Legend of Korra Review: Enemy at the Gates

selfie varrick
I really hope that Baatar Sr. called for back up and didn’t listen to Suyin. I don’t care if she thinks they wont make it in time, call them! Look how gigantic that army is!

Varrick uses Zhu Li’s as his unit of measurement and names power outputs as Varricks, I’m honestly surprised the guy who invented movies didn’t name them after himself. If he invents the selfie then I’m calling he’ll name it Varrick.
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The Coronation and The Calling Review

little ba sing sa

So I’m combing episode 3 and 4 into one post. The first episode is called the Coronation, which if you say out loud sounds like Korra Nation and makes me giggle. I think we can figure out what the plot will revolve around in that episode. The second episode is called the Calling.

Prince Wu talks about how magnificent his coronation will be while Tenzin confides to President Raiko about his uneasy feelings regarding Kuvira’s growing authority and rumors of dissenters being thrown into military camps. The foreshadowing doesn’t end there, President Raiko assures Tenzin that she’ll be stepping down from power tomorrow and Mako counts down the hours until he’s free from his body guarding days. What could possible go wrong?
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Korra Alone Review

toph is dat you
A title can give away a lot of information; Korra Alone was everything I expected it to be. This episode focuses entirely around Korra and explains through flashbacks how she ended up fighting in some random underground arena. The surprise reveal at the end of the episode reunites the Avatar with Toph and puts the cherry on top of a great episode. I thought with the Beifong family playing such a large role in the plot last season we would have seen her then, but reintroducing her now is much better. In Last Airbender Toph is introduced as an illusion in a swamp. I’m not sure if this is the same swamp, but there’s a connection here regardless. When the Avatar has been confused and unsure what they should do the spirits bring them to Toph Beifong in both lifetimes. Sokka is now the last of the original Team Avatar that Korra hasn’t reconnected with, but I don’t think we’re going to see him anytime soon. If he didn’t show up in the last couple seasons then I feel like Sokka is probably chilling with Aang in the afterlife. He wasn’t very spiritual either so I’d rule out meeting him via the spirit world. Meeting Toph at this point makes sense and I don’t think the writers will shoehorn Sokka in the last season, but how crazy would it be if Azula came back? That would blow my mind.
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