Don’t Settle for Just Settlers of Catan

CatanCitiesKnightsINSettlers of Catan is one of the most complicated and addicting board games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. The in-depth rulebook can be a little intimidating initially, and it’s almost impossible to explain the rules to an inexperienced person without giving them a mild panic attack, but once you play the game everything becomes clear.

Winning this game is so rewarding because it feels more like a game of strategy than a game of luck. When I finally won it felt more rewarding than, sadly?, most things I’ve accomplished in my life. Winning in Catan > my 6th place high school hurdles medal. The popular board game has spawned countless expansion packs that enhance the original. Settlers of Catan acted as a gateway drug to the Cities and Knights expansion pack, which in my opinion, is superior and enhances gameplay in every way. I can’t go back now, I can’t settle for just Settlers of Catan anymore as it’s boring compared to the expansion. Continue reading


Uber: Driver Beware


I hate driving and if you don’t use your signals, I hate you too. I get lost all the time despite having GPS and traffic is the most maddening thing to me. So I’m not quite sure why I signed up to be an Uber driver, but it was incredibly easy. Actually I do know why- I had a car, I had spare time, gas is dirt cheap, and I was under the impression I could make a lot of money. It seemed like a great idea to make extra cash, but after actually doing it a few times it wasn’t really for me. Driving was the last thing I wanted to do and the pay wasn’t worth it. If you have a car that’s at least a 2006 model or newer and a driver’s license, you can basically become an Uber driver.

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Run Away from Jury Duty

Jury-Duty (1)
Guilty, that’s how I felt heading into court; but I wasn’t going there for my trial, I was summoned for jury duty. It’s one of our most dreaded liberties, but as an unemployed bum with no excuse I felt guilty for wanting to skip out and force people with jobs to cover for me. I should be there; I don’t have better things to do with my time. So on a cloudy somber morning I went to court with my head held low, resigned to my duty in a jury.

After being shuttled over to the courthouse we were ushered into a cramped room to await further instructions. They gave out name tags and shitty coffee before eventually assigning me to a courtroom. Usually people employed are required by law to be paid normally for a week by their employer, but after that expires the court pays you a whopping $40 a day. People that were unemployed would be paid $5 dollars a day. I felt this was unfair compensation, a tin can on the side of the road could get more than $5 a day.

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Charity Bike Rides

it's tough to find good pictures for this...this will have to do

Recently I participated in two charity bike rides, one 50 mile event called Go the Distance for Autism and one 100 mile event called Bike to the Beach. I don’t have a personal connection with autism, which is what both events were raising money for, and honestly any cause would have been fine. I would have ridden for no cause. I rode for me, I wanted to do it. I completed a 30 mile bike ride the previous year so I had some experience with going long distances. There are tougher things to do in life than ride a bicycle, if you stop moving your legs while running you stop, if you stop moving your legs on a bike you still move. Also it’s fun to bike and fun is good.
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Life with a Mini Husky

My family owns an Alaskan Klee Kai breed, essentially a miniature husky. The average Alaskan Klee Kai is 15 pounds, our dog is easily over 30 pounds. He’s large for his size, but he’s not fat, he’s just a little husky…

They only shed twice a year, during the summer and all other times. There’s fur everywhere. There’s fur on the furniture, there’s fur in my food, there’s fur on the clean clothes that just came out of the dryer- everywhere. There’s so much dog fur it’s seeped into my dreams, I want to be a dog stylist now… Cruella de Vil could have stolen 3 of these Alaskan Klee Kais and spawned 101 designer coats for a lifetime. Birds flock to our backyard to get his tempurpedic fur to line their nests.
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Villanova Basketball 2015

St John's v Villanova

Since 2009 Villanova has gone 2-4 in the playoffs. I’ve been a Villanova fan since 2009…an unfortunate coincidence. The Villanova Wildcats just finished the season with a 32-2 record, won the Big East tournament for the first time in 20 years, and earned a #1 seed in the 2015 NCAA tournament, but it still feels like no one believes in us. 

Coach Jay Wright is great at recruiting, looking mighty fine in a suit, and getting the Wildcats to play better in the 2nd half. He’s a good looking dude for sure, but his post season record is… lacking, but that’s only looking at 2009 and onward. In 2008 he brought the Wildcats to the Final Four. Just check out his wikipedia pageat the end of every NCAA tournament paragraph there’s “Wright’s Wildcats were eliminated by the eventual national champion.” So maybe Villanova is just getting unlucky drawings, I think 5 out of 7 times Jay Wright has lost to the eventual national champions. He’s earned the reputation as only a good regular season coach, but maybe that’s a disservice to him. If we don’t make it far in this tournament that reputation may start to get a little more steam though, but if we lose to the eventual national champions again we may have a conspiracy on our hands.

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My First Time Standing Up

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 2.28.11 AM

I always considered myself a funny person, but I always considered people that thought themselves funny weren’t actually funny. I’m not sure where that leaves me. I always admired stand up comedians and envied their ability because I’m awful at public speaking and nervous in most situations, so I’m pretty bad at speaking in general. Around friends I’m fine, but with strangers I lose all my confidence. I was required to take a public speaking course in college, if it wasn’t required I would have never done it. There were 15 people and the class started at 8:00am, more than half the class skipped because it was at freaking 8:00am. I made every class though, I was determined to get better. In the beginning I was nervous and a poor speaker despite a majority of the audience being half asleep, but by the end of the class I was still just as bad.

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The Gym

gym phoyo

January 1st, a time when people are making half hearted resolutions to better themselves…again.  Gym memberships are often the virtue of choice. A word of advice, don’t sign up for a year membership.
Everyone – “If I sign up for a year then that’ll force myself to go.”
No, it doesn’t work that way, laziness wins every time.
I pay the gym money for a service I don’t like to get results I don’t see and it’s physically exhausting. Also I’m hungry and tired all the time, I feel like that’s related. Do people actually enjoy this? Or is this just a means to an end?
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The Cost of a Haircut


I hate going to get a haircut, but I enjoy getting my hair cut. Let me help you understand with more examples. I hate going to amusement parks, but I enjoy going on the rides. I hate riding the subway, but I like not walking. I enjoy eating a restaurant quality meal from my home, but I hate talking on the phone, even to order takeout. Haircut deliveries, that’s a million dollar idea. Have I properly confused you yet? Good, let’s talk about my experience with haircuts.

Remember when Aunt Petunia shaved Harry Potter’s head in the first chapter and it grew back the next day? Does anyone else read Harry Potter religiously? That’s what my hair does too. Maybe I’m magical, I never received my Hogwarts acceptance letter, but my hair grows at an incredible speed. The bald have it so easy. I wait as long as possible to get a haircut despite my hair only looking good at medium length, and that doesn’t last long. So I look bad most of the time.
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Naruto End No Jutsu

naruto the beginning

It’s the end of an era; the last chapter of Naruto will be coming out and will probably hit the internet translated into English Thursday morning.The last chapter will be extra long, so at least we have that going for us. Naruto had a 15 year run and I’d say it’ll retire as one of the top 5 most influential manga ever. A 15 year run! That’s a sophomore in high school. That’s the legal drinking age in Europe. 15 years ago Bill Bilicheck wasn’t coaching the Patriots. That’s a long time. And it’s over.
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