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I’m sorry the name and format of my wordpress are so vague that you have no idea what to expect, but I write mostly about fantasy baseball and television shows. Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows and I’m a Mets fan, so I’m accustomed to not being happy.

Game of Thrones ~ Late Tuesdays
Flash ~ Early Thursdays
Fantasy Baseball ~ Sunday

Random ~ Random

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living in the seal world“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, don’t miss out on me.” – Me

I fell in love with this random seal photo at first sight. There’s just something about the innocence in that seal’s face that seems so human and genuine to me. I get the feeling the seal was just caught doing something he shouldn’t have and he’s embarrassed. The opposite is true about the photo of myself; I hated it the first time I saw it. I wouldn’t call myself photogenic, but my jawline looks gigantic in this photo, and somehow the pizza doesn’t even look appetizing. That’s NYC pizza! Somehow the picture grew on me and juxtaposed next to the seal face I can’t help but see a resemblance between the two of us. The seal’s facial expression reflects my original embarrassment to my photo and the pair create a work of art only appreciated by me I’m sure.

23 Random Things About Me

I play Ultimate Frisbee.
I have really long toes.
I’m decent at snowboarding. Steep slopes are no problem, but jumps and tricks…
I’m most comfortable with my pants off.
I didn’t have pants on when I wrote this.
I love spicy food, but can’t handle the heat.
I ate an extra large pizza with sausage and pepper toppings and won a free t-shirt. Shockingly, the smallest t-shirt size was extra large.
New Zealand is the most beautiful country I’ve been to.
I went bungee jumping in New Zealand and touched the water of the river below the bridge I jumped off.
The guy after me was dunked in to his knees…that’s what I wanted to do.
I’ve skydived before, bungee jumping is better.
I’m 6’3’’.
No, I’m not good at basketball.
Yes I can dunk.
I’m actually pretty terrible at mini golf. Maybe this is height related?
I’ve seen Parent Trap, Along Came Polly, and White Chicks way too many times.
For way too long I thought “Bollywood” was just Indian people mispronouncing Hollywood wrong.
Pokémon Red> Pokémon Blue.
I either make a great first impression or a terrible one. I’ve been told this many times.
Game 162 in the 2011 MLB season, Tampa Bay vs the Yankees, Dan Johnson at bat hitting a buck o’ eight on the season smacked a line drive HR in right field on a 0-2 count. That was the day the Red Sox and the Braves were eliminated from playoff contention after having comfortable leads heading into September. The Red Sox were even part of playoff commercials. It was the most thrilling day of baseball I’ve witnessed, with Game 163 between the Twins and the Tigers in 2009 being close.
I look 12 years old. I’ve been told this many times.
I swam from Pennsylvania to New York.
I’m half Chinese.
Every single Asian female I’ve talked to has noticed I’m half Chinese.
No other demographic notices.
I was the 2nd slowest runner on my high school cross-country team, suck it Ryan.
On Pottermore I was sorted into Slytherin House.
I’m pretty good at all card games.
I can beat just about anyone in Mario Kart Double Dash.
In my elementary school play I was a talking skunk. I had a singing solo too.
I make really good guacamole.
I’ve looked up gullible in the dictionary, but then I realized it was a thesaurus.
I gave a homeless guy a $2 bill.
I’ve caught a ball at a professional baseball game.
I gave it to a kid afterwards.
When faced with two doors and one question ask what the other guard would choose and then go through the opposite door of what they suggest.
Always switch your suitcase in Deal or No Deal.
I’m sarcastic 100% of the time.
I won a giant elephant doll at a carnival.
I completed a half triathlon when I was 17.
I won a free Gameboy in a Lunchable. Cracker Stacker, ham.
I beat the high score in solitaire on my mom’s iPad an hour after she bragged her score was impossible to beat. She’s still bitter about it.
During halftime at a college basketball game some friends and I won $250 each for spelling GEICO with our bodies faster than another group of students. It didn’t even take 15 minutes.
I’ve seen the DVD logo bounce perfectly into the corner of a TV screen. I swear!
I laughed so hard I’ve thrown up.
I’ve thrown up so hard I’ve laughed.
I won a scholarship for competitive figure skating from the Université du Québec, but the letter was in French so I couldn’t read it and went to Villanova instead.
I was the president of the bird whisperers club. It holds the highest prestige of animal whisperers because it’s the only one where you actually have to whistle to communicate with the animals. Get on my level Dog whisperers, whistle. Also birds are jerks.

I wrote more than 23 things about me here.

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