First Half Observations

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Fantasy All Stars (5×5, on-base leagues)

National League
C – Buster Posey, SF – Has 3 titles in 5 years and is putting up solid numbers again. I thought where he was going in the draft was too high, 3rd round, but so far he’s been worth it.
C – Derek Norris, SD – He was the 2nd choice in OAK, because Vogt is amazing, but now he’s 1st in SD. He’s been the consolation prize for fantasy players everywhere who missed out on Vogt.
1B – Paul Goldschmidt, AZ – the #1 rated player on Yahoo! for good reason, maybe people will finally start talking about him in real baseball. I can’t not see him going 1st overall next year.
1B – Anthony Rizzo, CHI – Theo’s poster boy, but for some reason ESPN only seems to mention Kris Bryant. The Cubs made out on that deal, but I’m still hoping for Cashner to put it all together. The SBs have been a pleasant surprise, proving that any smart player with an aggressive manager can get to 20 SBs easily. Continue reading


April Observations

Special thanks to contributing writer James Boyce.

Potential Waiver Wire Adds

twin catchers

C – Kurt Suzuki and Josmil Pinto – Two Twins Cs who are doing well. They may not get the ABs of a 1st string Catcher but both are off to great starts. Suzuki has 19 RBIs and Pinto has 5 HRs and 17 Walks for those in OBP and counting W leagues.

1B- Adam LaRoche, usually known as a slow starter has gotten off to a great start with 4-category juice. Last year was a down year for him but the year before he went 30-100.
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No Way Man! Part I

You might be thinking this is pretty much Matthew Berry’s bold predictions. Well what if I told you fantasy baseball doesn’t have too many writing themes and I’m not that original? What if I told you to keep reading because as long as it’s entertaining, do you even care? Rhetorical!

Bryce-Harper-01Strasburg wins the Cy Young Award. No way man! That’s also not bold enough. How about Bryce Harper wins the NL MVP?! Nah, that’s still pretty tame. How about Anthony Rendon finishes the year as a top 5 2B ? Meh, I guess that’ll work. I’m thinking there’s a bunch of questions marks towards the top of tier of 2B this year and it generally being a weak position. I think the Nationals move Rendon up in the line up after he tears it up early/someone gets injured. Seriously how long can they keep putting Denard Span as the leadoff hitter because he’s a little fast…he’s just so boring, and his OBP isn’t blowing anyone away…Rendon is a former #6 overall pick and if you take out his July numbers last year, he was pretty darn good for the young pup. Draft him. You’re welcome.
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Pujols Pushing Strong

It’s strange how fast people forget how good a player is.  We love shiny new toys, and it only took 2 years for people to forget the legend of Albert Pujols. A player that was on pace to be one of the greatest 1st basmen of all time. Well actually, he’s already one of the greatest 1st basemen of all time. And don’t think that a couple of “down” seasons mean he’s down for the count. I mean even his season 1st year with the Angels, who many considered poor, still produced a stat line of 85/30.105/1/.285. So he essentially had 1 bad year, and that was because of an injury.

Not Pujols, he’s in his prime…can we at least admit this was Val’s prime

Albert Pujols played through a partial tear of the plantar fascia in the his left foot. My foot hurt just reading that. I mean I’ve never come anywhere near this level of injury, but I did lose a toe nail once and I couldn’t run for a month…I’m guessing this is a (poo) whole lot worse. This injury caused him to struggle for most of the 99 games before he was mercifully shut down. The hapless Angels couldn’t muster a winning season with 2 once in a decade talents. Seriously how do they keep losing with TroutGod and PuGod. Arte tries so hard to be the Yankees by throwing money at his problems, but it isn’t working. Little does he know this is the age of sabermetrics, moneyball it up.

Let’s quickly go over why Pujols, pronounced poo holes…(how do you not love this guy already?!) has been so good since he’s been called up. If Pujols had just one more RBI in 2011 and .001 points on his BA, he would have had 11 straight seasons of at least 30 HRs, 100 RBIs, and .300 BA. Unfortunately he only has 10 straight seasons…He also has 12 straight seasons of over 30 HRs and the most HRs through his 1st 11 seasons. If we were to compare the career arcs of Miguel Cabrera, whom many consider him to be the top 1st basemen if not the best power hitter currently, and Albert Pujols, you’d be surprised to see just how much better Pujols has been. Also Detroit fans and Detroit pitchers  rejoice with Cabrera’s move back to 1st.  Cabrera would need 361 runs, 127 HRs, 238 RBIs, 57 SBs (Cabrera could have 10 additional years, he’s not going to get 57 stolen bases) in 2 years to tie Pujols. He would also need to maintain a .321 BA (they’re tied currently), increase his OBP .011 points, and increase his SLG .033 points. This is including Pujol’s 2 poor years, well at least Pujols poor. I’m not saying Pujols will be better than Cabrera this year, I’m just saying it should take much more poor production from Albert before we sell him short this year.

I know it seems crazy for a guy who broke his forearm two years ago only to come back after 2 weeks like nothing happened, but Pujols can succumb to injuries too. It’s not like he’s a machine…, but ever since his move to Anaheim, I guess people started to look down on him. For taking the money and shipping off to the Angels…I mean he was being grossly underpaid in accordance to his production at St. Louis, but whatever. And he certainly is underperforming his 10 year 240 million salary so far. But I just can’t see a hitter this good fall off a cliff…or even a hill. Take away last year and he’s a 1st round pick no questions asked. His foot’s healed enough for him to carry you on the beach when you hit your roughest moments (no thanks Jesus, Pujols got this). He’s a steal at Yahoo! #51 and ESPN’s #52  rankings. I mean he’s a 1st baseman, where players age much more graciously than the other positions, and he can DH now too. Pujols is far from done…say yes to Pujols this year. Stay classy.

Always Classy