The Springer of George!

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So thankfully we all held on to George Springer after those 2 dreadful weeks right? Can you believe experts actually believed he was going to get sent back to the minors? The Astros were working with guys like LJ Hoes and Alex Presley, he was never going to lose his full-time gig. Springer strikes out more than Mark Reynolds did in his prime, but at least when he does make contact it goes deep, like Mark Reynolds in his prime! The speed isn’t where I thought it would be and I’m not confident the Astros are going to let him run as aggressively as we hoped. I mean when the guy almost ruins himself getting picked off at 1st base. I don’t want to say he looks like Mike Trout, but he could have that sort of impact on your fantasy team considering the low price tag in the preseason. Springer is pulling his best Encarnacion impression, and Encarnacion is doing his best Barry Bonds impression without all the steroids. With Springer and Altuve at the top of the order we may actually get some helpful runs and RBIs between the 2 of them. I also love how Jose Altuve is able to get those sweet stolen bases before getting hit in by Springer, it’s like they care about our fantasy teams! Jonathan Singleton getting called up soon could make this dynamic duo a trio. He’s sure to add on the strike outs, but Houston’s starting to get interesting again. Really interesting. Continue reading

April Reactions: Hitter Reactions

justin-morneau-and-standeeWhat a great start for Justin Morneau, good thing I recommended him as much as I could on this website that nobody reads! I’ll give myself a pat on the back for that one. Todd Helton was able to play 1B for the Rockies for 40 years, Morneau should be able to do it too. Also those two studs on the left look like twins…too soon?

I’m really glad I held on to Rajai Davis in all my leagues I drafted him in and didn’t drop him for let’s say either Matt Lindstrom or Jose Valverde because I needed saves. I couldn’t have been that stupid right? Right?!

Elvis Andrus has 9 SBs already, he’s so fast because of all those peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches he eats. The King and the Prince are roaming around the Texas infield.

Chris Colabell-who? Somehow he has 27 rbis playing for the Twins and I’ve never heard of him before this year. Somehow the Twins have one of the best offenses in baseball, if only they had just one major league level pitcher…
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Foolish Reactions to Opening Day

Cliff Lee is old, he’s turning 36 this season, and the Rangers collapse is just the tip of the iceberg. Remember Roy Halladay? He was an old Phillies pitcher too. What age did Roy Halladay fall off the map you ask? 36. Last year Cliff Lee had above a 6 ERA in July, he was lucky to have under a 3 ERA that year. Trade Cliff Lee while his name still has some value.

Billy Hamilton had 4 Ks in 4 at bats. Did I mention he had no stolen bases?! If he can’t get on base, then he can’t steal, meaning he’ll have no value. I knew Billy Hamilton was going to be a bust and yesterday just cements it.

Mark Trumbo already has 6 RBIs and is primed to finish the season with like 100 times that. He switched from a pitchers ballpark to a hitters paradise, so of course his power was going to skyrocket. 150 RBIs and 50+ HRs is not out of the question. I would trade Cliff Lee for Mark Trumbo in a heartbeat.
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Best Case: Worst Case

Best Case: Bryce Harper
He carries this underachieving Nationals team to the World Series and because of his talent and charisma he becomes the most recognized face in baseball…or a more recognized face in baseball. Instead of crashing into walls, he bursts through them like the Hulk. With literally nothing capable of stopping Bryce Hulk he’s able to fulfill his potential and swat 40 HRs and swipe 20 bases. He becomes one of the youngest players, he’s only 21, since, well, Mike Trout to develop and destroy pitchers so quickly. This also makes the current comparisons of the two players finally appropriate. Harper sparks the rest of the Nationals lineup to produce at his high level and he’s easily able to drive in 110 runs. He starts dating a supermodel and people finally stop asking him “clown questions”. The future of baseball has arrived.
Worst Case: Bryce Harper
Turns out walls have become sentient beings and start running into him. His knee issues from last year still linger and he can never quite find his power, barely getting 20 HRs as he doesn’t play a full season again. The Nationals offense disappoints like always and lack of line up production causes his counting stats to hover around mediocre and boring statlines. New skipper Matt Williams embraces the Moneyball persona and discourages stolen bases, causing Bryce to only steal 5 bases. People continue to praise Harper despite the down year and you can’t even get a discount on him the following year. He starts dating a regular model. The future always seems to be next year, but you were stuck with him for this one.
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