Flash Recap: Grodd Lives

eddie desk
Barry and Joe cover for Eddie at the station because he’s still being held captive by Reverse Flash. Eddie’s computer at his desk is on and it looks like it was recently used…Was someone using his computer? Why would looking at Eddie’s computer help find him?… Weird either way.
Barry’s looked everywhere in Central City and still can’t find Eddie, maybe look for clues in Dr. Well’s mansion or STAR Labs?

Iris – “The man in yellow took Eddie right in front of me.”
Is she going to be passive aggressive about knowing Barry’s secret identity? Please no.
Barry – “Are you okay?”
Iris – “No, no, not at all.”
What a coincidence, this is what I think most times Iris says something. I mean physically she’s okay and not dead or kidnapped, a little dramatic here.
Iris – “The Flash was there, he said he’d fix it, but he hasn’t.”
Barry – “I’m sure he’s doing everything he can.”
She knows Barry’s the Flash, let him search for Eddie.
Iris – “I’m finding it pretty hard to trust the Flash right now.”
Barry – “Well then trust me.”
Iris just glares at him…
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Flash Recap: The Man in the Yellow Suit

flash logo

There’s no monologue voiceover in the beginning and instead we see a ton of Christmas lights, so many lights it almost feels like the writers were forced to shove this Christmas aspect into the finale. Flash and Reverse Flash run by some Christmas lights at super speed and they turn off. Okay. Santa is on Barry’s side, not because he’s been a good boy all 3 months of the year he’s been awake, but because he likes Barry’s costume better.
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Arrow and Flash Part 2 Recap

I’ve never watched Arrow and I don’t plan on watching the series anytime soon, but I did enjoy this episode. Here’s a recap from someone who has no idea what they’re talking about.

arrow fence peek

So there’s a Red Arrow? Okay, well he’s in position. Other Comic Relief character is also in position. So the villain for this episode planted tripwire bombs in his suburban home in case of intruders. Seems a bit excessive and Oliver can look right through the window boards and see the whole set up. Not smart.
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Flash vs. Arrow Part 1 Recap

friendzoned again barry!

I just want to say I don’t watch Arrow or plan to watch it anytime soon, but I will recap the Arrow and Flash crossovers.

The Flash runs through the city acting as Cupid and painting houses instead of acting as a superhero. I think doing stuff like this would be a lot more useful if there weren’t a steady supply of metahumans coming into town. Doing cute hero stuff like this is why I like the Flash though.
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