Flash Recap: Crazy for You

this is gonna end well

It took maybe the worst possible circumstances for this car to explode. Barry can get into cars tumbling off a dam in the blink of an eye, but a stationary flipped car is kind of tough…

Dr. Snow – “Tonight was the fastest you’ve ever run.”
I don’t know if I should be impressed or disappointed.
Barry – “I can still get faster, I know I can.”
He always says this, we know he does.
Barry has movie night with Joe and it takes precedent over everything, like it should. Cisco and Snow talk about Ronnie.
Cisco – “I know you said to stop looking for Ronnie so…I didn’t stop looking for Ronnie.”
He doesn’t know how to follow directions, unless it involves locking certain doors in exactly 2 minutes.
Snow – “Ronnie’s gone and I’ve moved on with my life.”
Neither of those things are true.

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