Flash Recap: Rogue Air

cold and gold and snow and joe and care and cisco...damnit couldn't make the last 2 rhyme

A Dr. Wells introduction monologue?! Weird because we usually see him at the end of episodes.
Iris ordered 200 return label stickers for her and Eddie…how many physical letters does she send?
Iris – “I ordered 2000 by accident. I guess I ordered wrong.”
Why am I not surprised? 200 was still excessive.
Barry – “Wells took my mom from me.”
She knows, we know, everyone knows.
“I won’t let him take someone from you too.”
I mean Wells already took Eddie…

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Flash Recap: Grodd Lives

eddie desk
Barry and Joe cover for Eddie at the station because he’s still being held captive by Reverse Flash. Eddie’s computer at his desk is on and it looks like it was recently used…Was someone using his computer? Why would looking at Eddie’s computer help find him?… Weird either way.
Barry’s looked everywhere in Central City and still can’t find Eddie, maybe look for clues in Dr. Well’s mansion or STAR Labs?

Iris – “The man in yellow took Eddie right in front of me.”
Is she going to be passive aggressive about knowing Barry’s secret identity? Please no.
Barry – “Are you okay?”
Iris – “No, no, not at all.”
What a coincidence, this is what I think most times Iris says something. I mean physically she’s okay and not dead or kidnapped, a little dramatic here.
Iris – “The Flash was there, he said he’d fix it, but he hasn’t.”
Barry – “I’m sure he’s doing everything he can.”
She knows Barry’s the Flash, let him search for Eddie.
Iris – “I’m finding it pretty hard to trust the Flash right now.”
Barry – “Well then trust me.”
Iris just glares at him…
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Flash Recap: Who is Harrison Wells?

pizza party

Barry – “I can’t help but feel like my past has caught up with me.”
These introduction monologues get cornier every week.
The gang, minus Iris of course, meet to discuss Harrison Wells being Reverse Flash. Using his speed Barry gets the “best” pizza on the west coast; talk to me when you can get some NYC pizza Bare. Joe and Cisco will investigate the car accident that killed Dr. Wells’ wife 15 years ago.
Caitlin – “Grief can change a man.”
A logical explanation? Maybe in real life, but in this universe I’ll have none of that, he’s clearly a time traveling vampire. They’re relying on Caitlin to lie for them…I can already see this plan failing. The meeting ends in less than 30 seconds…this could have been covered in one group message.
Eddie – “What should I do?’
Joe – “Just keep being yourself.”
If you get that assignment in a group project, you’re the weak link.
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Flash Recap: All Star Team Up

bare and joe, great team good job

There’s a ton of crime happening tonight.
Joe calls Barry for help and he appears in the backseat instantly. The indecent exposure guy almost discovers Barry’s secret identity! Barry switches Joe with the criminal driving the getaway car and places the other guy in Eddie’s backseat. The guys in the back could totally attack him, heck, the indecent exposure guy could easily expose himself again.
Criminal – “I think we lost them.”
Joe – “Uh, no you didn’t. And by the way, you’re under arrest.”
This is cute and all, but maybe it’d be quicker for Barry to bring these guys to jail.
They stop a bank robbery after the car chase.
Barry – “I’m just curious, have you not heard of me?”
Seriously, are they not reading Iris’s blog?
Eddie feels a little left out of the Joe/Barry bromance.
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Flash Recap: Out of Time

bowling...every bowling alley

They flashback to the pilot episode…this is still Season 1 guys, we know what happened.
So it looks like they finally cast the other brother, if a life of crime doesn’t work out for these two I’m sure modeling is always an option.
Thank God they had their seat belts on, that’s how they survived the plane crash.

Honestly I think all bowling alleys have the same art design.
Barry – “This is one of my favorite places in the world.”
That’s kind of depressing.
“I’m guessing bowling is one of the only sports where I can destroy you at.”
Shouldn’t this be the one sport she has a chance in?
I wonder how fast Barry can run with those goofy bowling shoes on. Besides ice, arriving on time, and Iris, I bet running in a bowling alley would be one of his many weaknesses.
A bowling date is like first week dating 101 and Iris loves bowling as much as Barry, but this is the first time she and Eddie have been bowling.
Iris is encroaching on Barry right in front of her boyfriend and Barry’s girlfriend, everyone knows you don’t wipe stuff off people’s faces unless you’re their mother/grandmother/girlfriend.
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Flash Recap: Fallout

ripped shirt ron
They continue from last week’s episode. Barry trips and falls while running from a nuclear explosion, so of course his mask fell off.
Dr. Snow – “There’s no telling how much radiation we were exposed to.”
Dr. Wells – “There’s no radiation.”
They cleared that up so fast I couldn’t make fun of it.
I guess the two separated, but still exploded.
They find both of their bodies, and besides having a few rips on Ronnie’s shirt, both of them are fine. Stein is fully clothed and has his glasses intact after the demerging.
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Flash Recap: The Nuclear Man

thumbs up to vests...no

Bare – “How does this superhero get ready for a date?”
Quickly? At super speed?
Joe – “You change one more time I’m gonna shoot you.”
Classic Joe. I’m no fashion expert, but giving a thumbs up to a vest isn’t good advice.
Barry tips the flower lady $5 for one flower. He must be making bank as CSI.
Linda – “Punctual.”
Bare – “Yeah that’s what my friends call me…”
I guess she’s worth being on time for.
Linda – “Is that lonely looking flower for me?”
Barry – “Is this dumb? I thought about getting a bouquet, but then I thought that was weird.”
That is weird, but one flower is weird too.
Linda – “No, it’s awesome.”
Barry only gets away with this awkward gesture because lightning gave him abs! This wouldn’t work for average looking people.

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Flash Recap: Crazy for You

this is gonna end well

It took maybe the worst possible circumstances for this car to explode. Barry can get into cars tumbling off a dam in the blink of an eye, but a stationary flipped car is kind of tough…

Dr. Snow – “Tonight was the fastest you’ve ever run.”
I don’t know if I should be impressed or disappointed.
Barry – “I can still get faster, I know I can.”
He always says this, we know he does.
Barry has movie night with Joe and it takes precedent over everything, like it should. Cisco and Snow talk about Ronnie.
Cisco – “I know you said to stop looking for Ronnie so…I didn’t stop looking for Ronnie.”
He doesn’t know how to follow directions, unless it involves locking certain doors in exactly 2 minutes.
Snow – “Ronnie’s gone and I’ve moved on with my life.”
Neither of those things are true.

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The Flash Recap: The Sound and the Fury

royal flush gang meet up

A motorcycle gang should be the easiest opponent for a guy with SUPER SPEED, but then we wouldn’t have a show.
Barry – “Which way should I go?”
Should I put on pants today?  Which seat should I take? Oh I’m sorry Bare, I thought we were asking stupid questions. Heck, he could take a nap and still be able to capture these guys.
Barry maneuvers the King and Queen riders back to the middle road and, even though Barry didn’t tamper with him at all, the Ace rider arrives last. Despite what his helmet says, Ace isn’t the best driver. Looks like the Royal Flush Gang were a couple cards short of a winning hand, stylish helmets though.
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Flash Recap: Revenge of the Rogues

bad boys coming to town

The weather looks worse now than it did on Christmas. This episode starts off highlighting how terrifying drone strikes can be. How have we not wiped terrorists off the face of the planet with these things? Also this drone is able to keep up with the 2nd fastest man alive no problem.

Barry runs into some trouble with the drone because Barry has trouble with everything he fights despite his super speed. Dr. Wheels readies himself to save Barry, which would reveal he’s not handicapped, incase Comic Relief accidentally kills Barry during a training session…it’s nice to know he cares, but come on, his life isn’t in danger. Barry grabs the missile in mid air and throws it back at the drone. For a bankrupt company it’s impressive how Comic Relief can churn out all these gadgets. Comic Relief “names” Reverse Flash and Reverse Flash Dr. Wheels likes the nickname.

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