Flash Recap: Revenge of the Rogues

bad boys coming to town

The weather looks worse now than it did on Christmas. This episode starts off highlighting how terrifying drone strikes can be. How have we not wiped terrorists off the face of the planet with these things? Also this drone is able to keep up with the 2nd fastest man alive no problem.

Barry runs into some trouble with the drone because Barry has trouble with everything he fights despite his super speed. Dr. Wheels readies himself to save Barry, which would reveal he’s not handicapped, incase Comic Relief accidentally kills Barry during a training session…it’s nice to know he cares, but come on, his life isn’t in danger. Barry grabs the missile in mid air and throws it back at the drone. For a bankrupt company it’s impressive how Comic Relief can churn out all these gadgets. Comic Relief “names” Reverse Flash and Reverse Flash Dr. Wheels likes the nickname.

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Flash Recap: The Man in the Yellow Suit

flash logo

There’s no monologue voiceover in the beginning and instead we see a ton of Christmas lights, so many lights it almost feels like the writers were forced to shove this Christmas aspect into the finale. Flash and Reverse Flash run by some Christmas lights at super speed and they turn off. Okay. Santa is on Barry’s side, not because he’s been a good boy all 3 months of the year he’s been awake, but because he likes Barry’s costume better.
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Flash Recap: Power Outage

lab nerds and labby

We start the episode with a 10 month flashback instead of Barry narrating.

I wonder if that crazy kid on the power lines will end up becoming a metahuman. His friends safely retreat into the car while he gets electrocuted during the particle accelerator explosion, but because it’s not lightning he doesn’t get super speed like Barry. I wouldn’t have been surprised if his friends received car powers.
I’m not sure how much the guy getting electrocuted can be blamed on the particle accelerator though, climbing power lines while drunk seems like a dangerous activity. I’m really glad we got that flashback, now I still don’t care about this new villain.
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Flash Recap: The Flash is Born

blog initialIris is narrating?!
“We’ve forgotten what miracles look like…our lives have become ordinary.”
Speak for herself, my life is pretty prettay extraordinary. I got 2 bags of chips from a vending machine after only putting in a dollar! That has to be the best feeling in the world.
It takes me about 3 edits before I post anything and I still miss a ton of errors, but she submits her narration post instantly.
“Thank you.”
I too say my last line before posting something.
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Flash Recap: Plastique

friendzone faceThat’s the face of someone in the friend zone. I don’t think about how my friends came into my life, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because they were nearby. All my friends are from the schools I went to, now that I’m out of school, how do I make new friends?!
I guess they actually drink in this show, but Barry can’t get drunk. There are some positives though, he doesn’t have to worry about drunk driving, drunk texting, hangovers, and he still has SUPER SPEED. Maybe he can simulate being drunk by spinning around at super speed?
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Flash Recap: Things You Can’t Outrun

giant lab for 1 guy

Barry – “There are some things you can’t outrun, some things always manage to catch up to you.”
I’m guessing he means metaphorically.

Barry and Iris went on a movie “date.” If there’s a zombie scale then the Walking Dead is on the bottom of that scale. What a terrible show. It doesn’t even refer to zombies as zombies.

Iris is more sexist than Barry about the gender of the “Streak.” How do they even know this is a human? No alien or robot guesses? Iris says she’s “really intuitive about this kind of stuff…” this kind of stuff being knowing the gender of things.
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Flash Recap: The Fastest Man Alive

he's totattl looking at her bewbs
352 MPH is a slow day for him. 761 MPH is the speed of sound. Just putting that out there. The fire trucks are two minutes out from the burning building and apparently they can’t make it in time, if only someone could get there faster!
It’s unfortunate those fireman suits Comic Relief made for them will go to waste.

Barry over shot the burning building by 6 blocks…can he…can he, like, see when he’s running?
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