First Half Observations

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Fantasy All Stars (5×5, on-base leagues)

National League
C – Buster Posey, SF – Has 3 titles in 5 years and is putting up solid numbers again. I thought where he was going in the draft was too high, 3rd round, but so far he’s been worth it.
C – Derek Norris, SD – He was the 2nd choice in OAK, because Vogt is amazing, but now he’s 1st in SD. He’s been the consolation prize for fantasy players everywhere who missed out on Vogt.
1B – Paul Goldschmidt, AZ – the #1 rated player on Yahoo! for good reason, maybe people will finally start talking about him in real baseball. I can’t not see him going 1st overall next year.
1B – Anthony Rizzo, CHI – Theo’s poster boy, but for some reason ESPN only seems to mention Kris Bryant. The Cubs made out on that deal, but I’m still hoping for Cashner to put it all together. The SBs have been a pleasant surprise, proving that any smart player with an aggressive manager can get to 20 SBs easily. Continue reading


Baseless Bold Fantasy Baseball Predictions

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Do you know how much easier it is to make fantasy predictions with almost no research to back it up? ESPN posted 53 bold predictions with almost zero facts explaining them, and it included the bogus Troy Tulowitzki will remain healthy for a majority of the year fact! It’s total BS and it’s beautiful, unlike the new ESPN format, but maybe I just hate change. I’m going to make a bunch of fantasy baseball predictions with very little facts to back me up and a ton of bias! Some of them might even be underlined instead of bolded!

Matt Harvey is a bust
He’s on an innings limit and if the Met’s aren’t in the playoff hunt I can see him getting shut down earlier than expected. He’s coming back from Tommy John surgery and I know he’s looked excellent in spring training, but spring training doesn’t mean too much. He has to carry the weight of all of New York’s expectations now that the Yankees stink, that’s too much pressure! He’s getting drafted in the 3rd/4th round now, so people are expecting ace numbers, but he hasn’t pitched a real game in more than a year. Also the Mets can’t have nice things.
Joey Votto finishes as a top 5 1B
He was a top 1B before and I like the Reds’ offense this year with Billy Hamilton likely improving, Todd Frazier and Marlon Byrd providing reliable power, and Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips can’t possible play as bad as they did last year. He’ll provide Freddie Freeman like numbers but for a 3 round discount. Bring on those sweet walks baby!
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August Observations

Special thanks to contributing writer James Boyce.

I know everyone seems to have shifted to fantasy football season, but fantasy baseball playoffs are just around the corner. Baseball will always be #1 for me.

Waiver Wire


C – Caleb Joseph, BAL and Alex Avila, DET. Both will give you a little bit here and there but not much. Avila a bit more walks, Joseph a bit more in average.

1B – Kennys Vargas, MIN and Jon Singleton, HOU. Since coming up to the Twins, the switch-hitting behemoth has hit .300 with some pop, driving in runs, and usually hitting cleanup. After enduring a summer slump, Singleton has rebounded some and is taking a lot of walks.

jedd G2B – Jedd Gyorko, SD and Luis Valbuena, CHI. Both Gyorko and Valbuena will give you some power up the middle with flex at 3B as well.

SS – Joe Panik, SF and Eric Sogard, OAK. Neither has any power but both have been solid and give you flex at 2B.

3B – Trevor Plouffe, MIN and Nick Castellanos, DET. Plouffe is another Twin having a good month, and Castellanos has accounted himself well. Nick gives you an OF(LF) options as well.
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July Observations

Special thanks to contributing writer James Boyce.

Waiver Wire

C – Yasmani Grandal, SD and Renee Rivera, SD – A bit thin at C on the waiver wire, but we’ll make it our 3rd time recommending a shared C duo, this time for the Padres. Both have clubbed 3 HRs for the month, Rivera with the higher average, Grandal with a lot more walks. Grandal also gives you some flex at 1B.

1B – Chris Johnson, ATL and Connor Gillaspie, CWS – Johnson has had as many RBIs this month (22) as he had the first three months of the season. Gillaspie has also been quietly solid. Both also give you flex at 3B.

laaaaaaaa stellaaaaaaa2B – Arismendy Alcantara, CHI and Tommy La Stella, ATL – Alcantara, another top prospect in the Cubs system, has come up and gotten off to a solid start across the board. He also offers flex in the OF (CF). La Stella comes from the Braves system, and with Uggla shipped off, thankfully for the Braves, 2B is his for the rest of the year. He has no power & speed, but decent #s elsewhere and displays a good batting eye w 22 walks to go against 23 Ks.
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What to do with the Zimmermen(n)

Ryan-Zimmerman-GlovesI was never a fan of Ryan Zimmerman going into the year and have him on none of my teams, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help the dumbos who drafted him. He went and got himself injured early in the year, but now he’s coming back tonight and apparently at a different position. I kind of like how the Nationals are trying out Ryan in LF, but then again they’re sort of delaying the inevitable when Harper returns, but I guess this team will do anything to keep Ryan out of hot corner defensively. If the Nationals are serious, I think Ryan should get enough playing time to get OF eligibility, where he only needs 5 starts on Yahoo! and 10 starts on ESPN. What I’m more worried about is that maybe they’re doing this because Harper’s injury could be more serious than what they’ve let on. In 2013 Ryan got a majority of his useful stats during the last month of the season, where he had 11 HRs, so he gets his power numbers in bunches and could go on a similar tear again. I would try to sell Ryan as soon as he’s accrued any value, but every leagues different and it may be better just to hold onto him. Why did you draft this guy!
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