2015 Season Ending Rankings: Playoff Teams

st louis wins again

Playoffs Teams of the MLB Rankings (Ranking at Half) (Preseason Ranking)

1. St. Louis Cardinals (1) (3) – I don’t know how they keep doing it – they just win. Their best pitcher went down for the year after a handful of starts, but will somehow miraculously return to the team in a relief role for playoffs! As a Mets fan having Wainwright in the bullpen is scarier than seeing him as a starter. Their star veteran OF didn’t play for most of the year and when he did play he was subpar. They gave up winless wonder Shelby Miller for a RF that never broke out offensively, but his defense remained among the best in the game. They keep pulling these random OF prospects out of nowhere who produce! Piscotty was their #1 ranked prospect heading into the season, but who the heck are Pham and Gruchck? They’re doing just as well! Jon Lackey, really?!! He’s never been this good ever and now he’s their Game 1 starter. A winning season, sure, playoffs, a stretch, but to win 100 games in the toughest division amid a sea of crucial injuries! Black devil magic is the only explanation! They lost Yadier Molina and Carlos Martinez right before the playoffs, and every baseball fan outside of St. Louis should be rooting for the Cubs, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see them go deep into the playoffs, again. Somehow. I can’t think of a single candidate for MVP, Cy Young, or ROY on the MLB leading 100 win team…how is this even possible.
Final Record: 100-62
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2015 Wildcard Games and MLB Awards

usa today playoff bracket
I’m hoping for a Mets/Blue Jays World Series, but as long as the Cardinals aren’t the team from the NL I’ll be happy.

2015 Wildcard Games
AL – Tuesday Oct 6th: Astros (Keuchel) @Yankees (Tanaka)
Keuchel is undefeated at home and just an average pitcher on the road, still he’s the likely AL Cy Young winner and a lefty, Yankee Stadium heavily favors lefty pitchers. Keuchel is also throwing on only 3 days rest, which is never a good thing. He also leads the league with 232 IP, more than a 30 IP increase from last year. However, in the extremely small sample size of 24 IP, Keuchel has shutdown the Yankees. If Keuchel can’t pitch at 100% or can’t remain in the game too long then the Yankees have a very good shot at beating this weak Astros bullpen, and on short rest this task doesn’t seem so insurmountable. Tanaka should at least perform decently, I was down on him going into the season, but he’s been above average all year. The bullpen is a huge strength for the Yankees and it’s where they have a huge advantage against Houston.
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World Series and Playoff Observations

Special thanks to contributing writer James Boyce.
World Series Preview

So it comes down to the Giants vs the Royals – the masters of the even year vs an 8-game win streak – both have the “team of destiny” thing about them – and both are teams I like. On the one hand, the Royals haven’t won in 29 years, so it would be nice to see them win. On the other, the Giants got this even year thing going and it would be neat to see them continue it. The Royals have been playing some exciting baseball, at the plate and on the field – hitting, stealing, bunting, and catching everything. Their pitching has been solid, their starters just OK, but their bullpen has been lights out. The Giants, well, they just keep finding unusual ways to score runs and win – in 18 innings without hits, by errors, by wild pitches, etc. My favorite player in the World Series is Madison Bumgarner (who reminds me a little of Sid the Sloth from Ice Age). A distant second is probably Buster Posey. My favorite player on the Royals is probably Wade Davis, fantasy beast. I’d rather have him than Wil Myers right now.

sid the bum
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End of Season Observations

Special thanks to contributing writer James Boyce.
In the playoffs I’ll be rooting for the Pirates and the Royals.

kauffman stadium

Teams Rankings (previous month)

1. Angels (1) – Best overall record.
2. Nationals (4) – Best record in the NL and best record in September at 19-8.
3. Orioles (3) – Top spot in AL East.
4. Dodgers (5) – Top spot in NL West, plus they have Kershaw, though as wonderful as he’s been in the regular season, his post season ERA is 4.23.
5. Cardinals (10) – Top spot in NL Central and fended off…
6. Pirates (14) – an equally hot Pirates team on the last day. Hosting WC game.
7. Tigers (9) – Top spot in AL Central and fended off…
8. Kansas City (6) – an equally hot Royals team on the last day, but back in the playoffs for the first time in 29 years. Hosting WC game.
9. Giants (11) – Visiting the Pirates in WC battle.
10. Athletics (2) – Visiting the Royals in WC battle. Had awful September. Limped into playoffs, holding off Mariners on last day.
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